Thanksgiving 2008


The Thanksgiving Holiday is upon us.  This hasn’t been a holiday that I have celebrated much in my 20+ years of living in the UK.  The British don’t celebrate any form of Thanksgiving that I know of.  They have Bank Holidays instead.  Even Christmas becomes a Bank Holiday – if it falls on the weekend!

Thanksgiving is a holiday in America that is celebrated by people of all religions and cultures – it is a National Holiday that falls on the last Thursday of November.  Although it initially stems from the pilgrims giving thanks to the Indians for helping them survive their first winter in a new world, it has come to mean something else for most people.

It is a time when people try to be together with their family – and if that isn’t possible, to be with friends – and share a large meal – to be grateful and give thanks for what one has.  Well, that is the idea!

This year, I will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Saturday with some very dear friends.  I am very grateful to have these good friends in my life.  They are part of a very small handful of people who have known me before I moved to London.  They’re my family.

Being grateful – that is a big issue for some people.  In this current economic climate, with redundancies, mortgage and property issues, there are people who would have difficulty  finding anything to be grateful for.

Take a look around you and see what you have and what you can do.  You would be surprised what you could be grateful for – and by being grateful for even the small things, I believe that will allow the bigger things to come into your life.

Here is how I sometimes start my morning:  I wake up – I’m still alive, the alarm goes off – I can still hear, I still have my sense of smell, I can still see, I have a warm bed, I get out of bed – I can still move my body.  Get the picture?  If you can do those things, you are better off than a lot of people.

I have food to eat, and a roof over my head – I have a car (use of public transport) and some money in the bank – I have skills that enable me to work – I have great kids and great friends – I can dance and I have a sense of humour – I have access to the internet!  The list just goes on.

So, what are you grateful for?  You will find there is more to be grateful for than you anticipated.



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