Blog Statistics for the Uninitiated

Since I set up my blogs a few weeks ago, I am hooked at looking at my blog statistics – and since I have two blogs, it is even more intriguing.  After all, why spend all that time and effort setting them up and posting your material if no-one is going to look at it?   I am curious to see how people got here and what they are looking at.   That’s why we are here after all – to have an audience.

How do people come to your blog?  Well, they either come referred or via search engines.  What is the difference, you might ask?

Being referred means that they have come from another site that has you listed or linked to them in some way.  When my daughter first saw my blog, she thought it was good (trust me, she is harsh) and thought I needed to promote it.  How do I do that?  When I mentioned what she said to a friend, he suggested I join Facebook.  I did, albeit reluctantly at the time.  (See my post Connections, Reflections and the Internet)  Did I really want to subject my friends to my writing? Uh, yes!  I’ve been a good friend – at least they could return the favour – humour me.  So now I can see that friends have been clicking on my link from Facebook.  Not enough of you I might add – maybe I need more Facebook friends.  Hop to it – when I tell you that I posted something, I want you to drop everything and look at it.  It took me hours to produce that piece.  It would be nice to know which of my friends is actually looking at my blog, but fortunately for all of you, you will remain anonymous.  I thank all of you who have had a go.

So, being referred is like being introduced at a party – the equivalent of networking.  The more people you know or are linked to, the more referrals you will get.  So, I now have a signature on all of my e-mails promoting my blogs.  I leave comments on interesting blog posts.  I have had a few referrals from Margaret and Helen, one of my favourite blogs.  For my Tango blog, I am linked to Ms Hedgehog and a couple of others – we are linked to each other and since we did that, our blog statistics have gone up.  The more people that know about you, the more hits you will have.  I am going to be a networking blogging expert.  I have even produced business cards and flyers promoting my Tango blog.  I am open to all suggestions – and I have had some good ones, so keep them coming folks.

Now, let’s talk about search engines.  This is the part that can be really amusing.  It is the equivalent of Google.  You just type in a word or words in the search bar, hit enter, and see what comes up.  What are people searching for when they find you?  Well, sometimes they use your name or a topic related to what you write about.  I get a lot of hits to my Tango blog as there are people out there interested in Tango (it also helps to have the correct tags associated to your posting too).

So far today, someone was looking for: best electronic deals wordpress blogs.  Which meant that they must have seen yesterday’s posting about blogs, Help, I’m Stuck to My Computer (A Blogger’s Lament) – and that lead them to my Tango blog, which may have lead them somewhere else.  Pretty cool, huh!  So one person’s search engine could become someone else’s referral!  Though I’m a bit bemused by a search yesterday: i am a young man of 30 yr old seeking for.  I hope he found what he was looking for!

As I am writing this, 21 people have viewed this blog and 63 have looked at my Tango blog – it isn’t even 11am!

Thanks for stopping by.


One thought on “Blog Statistics for the Uninitiated

  1. You are doing VERY well. I am lucky to get 15 hits in a day.
    I suppose I would like more people to read and post, but mostly I am writing it for practice (you know, for when I get a job as a “real” writer. (ha).


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