Happy New Year 2009


Another new year and another new beginning!

In spite of all of the bad news we have been getting these days, I still feel positive and hopeful about the future.

I know that I will find a new job.  I know that I will sell my house.  I do not listen to negativity.  I refuse to be brought down.  I am realistic, I just refuse to get sucked into other people’s visions of reality.  ‘Thoughts become things, choose the good ones.’  That is my motto.  My mantra.

I would like to wish everyone joy, peace and happiness for 2009.  Dream big.

All the best,



About Arlene

Arlene Toth is all about new beginnings and trying new things. There is so much to see and do in the world and she wants to do as much as she can while she still has her health and the time to do it.

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