Getting Back to Work

Ok, I’m back.

The holidays are officially over.

The oldest child has left and gone back to Uni.  Well, he went back to Leeds.  Uni doesn’t start for another couple of weeks.  He informed me that he is not coming back to this house again.  He doesn’t like my house.  I don’t know why.  He spent a lot of time sleeping here.  When he wasn’t sleeping, he was out with his friends.  It was like a hotel for him, so I am not sure what is going on here.  Though he did inform me that he would come back to help me move.  So he wasn’t being totally nasty.

My daughter has gone to visit her boyfriend for a couple of days and will be bringing him back on Wednesday.  That should be interesting.  She is worried about me.  This is her first boyfriend.  What am I going to do to him that her brother won’t do?  I’ll leave the dirty work to him.  Anyway, my father told her to tell the boyfriend that if he upsets her he will come over and kick his ass.  She told the boyfriend.  She thought it was funny.  My daughter has a twisted sense of humour.  I only threatened to make him sleep on the sofabed so I won’t have to listen to sex noises as her room is next to mine.  She informed me that I had double standards and that they didn’t do that much messing around.  Yeah, right – 19 year olds with hormones.  So she isn’t going to stay with me in the summer either.

My children seem to think that I actually care if they live with me or not.  Ha!  I have lived with people for all of my life.  I actually enjoy living alone now.  It is cheaper to live alone.   My food, phone and electricity bills are reduced drastically when I am on my own.  I had my few weeks of peace and quiet after The Lodger left.  That is all I am getting as my other son is back from his travels and will be with me until he starts Uni in September.  At least he will be working and has a social life.

I have this theory that women who have had children would welcome solitary confinement.   I certainly don’t mind being alone – the peace and quiet – time to hear oneself think.  I was holed up in my room for a few days after The Lodger left, getting the blogs up and running.  The only thing missing was the guard bringing me my food.  I had to get out of bed to eat and use the bathroom.  I was a bit slovenly to say the least and didn’t tidy up the house until two days before the kids came home.  Do you believe it?  I cleaned the house to impress my kids!  Actually, I was setting an example.  Fortunately they haven’t been too messy.  But then again, they were out a lot or sleeping.  I haven’t seen much of them.


Well, we had some snow today.  You may not think much of this snow, but in a country where a single leaf on the rail track can cause havoc this is big stuff.  Amazingly, people don’t know how to cope with driving or walking in the snow in London as it rarely happens.  Even when it happens in other parts of the country, they are never prepared for it.  I find it unbelievable.  This is the view from my bathroom window at 8:00am this morning.  It had melted by 10.  Those of you who don’t know London weather, it is very changeable.  Sunny at 7, cloudy by 11.  You might need the sunglasses to walk to the bus stop on the way to work, but then bring out the umbrella by lunch time.  I think I am becoming English.  I am talking about the weather.  I don’t ever remember doing that when I lived in New York.  We just dealt with it.  In the winter, put on the waterproof boots, hat, scarf, coat, gloves.  Listen to the wind chill factor on the news and off you go.  What you got when you went out was pretty much what it was going to be all day.  Not here.  Enough of that.

I had to get up early for a haircut as my hair was a bit long.  I am changing my look for a new job and a new year.  I told my friend Marc that my hair was too sexy for interviews.  He didn’t think that was a problem.  Men.  When going on job interviews, it is better to look professional, rather than like a sex pot.  My hair grows quickly, so I wasn’t worried about taking a few inches off.  Now it looks sophisticated – and still sexy.  I can’t help it, I have very good hair.  My son thinks it is because I don’t look my age.  I’ll go with that.  Must be the genes.  Thank you Grandma.

Anyway, I have an interview with yet another agency.  I need some work and soon, as I am running out of things to do around the house and I could use the money.  My Jobseekers Allowance of £60 per week won’t get me very far.  I don’t know how they expect anyone to live off of that.  It is unbelievable.

My blogs are up and practically running themselves, so I don’t have much to do except post my writing.  Having that time off of work was quite useful in setting everything up.  I start a beginner Dreamweaver course on Saturday and am looking forward to where that will take me as I eventually want to change one of my blogs into a dot com and get some advertising on it since they don’t do that here.

There was another good start to the year.  Some people came to look at my house on Saturday.  I must say that the shock nearly knocked me over as I hadn’t had anyone to look at the house for a couple of months.  I haven’t heard about an offer yet, but even so, it is a hopeful sign.  Start as you mean to carry on as ‘they’ say.  I just need one good buyer.  I want to move into a nice warm flat with a view.

So watch this space.  I really do think 2009 is going to be a very good year!