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around-sloan-sqAfter Monday’s snowy and wet weather, yesterday found us with a sunny but very cold day.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  It was beautiful.  Even so, people still had something to complain about.  Every time someone mentioned to me how cold it was, I just told them, ‘but at least it isn’t raining.’  Some people are never satisfied.  (Today we had some more snow and it is grey.  Here I am, talking about the weather again!)

I had an interview yesterday afternoon with yet another agency, this time near Sloane Square.  I thought I might get there early and have a look in the sales.  I haven’t been in that area for a very long time and forgot how pretty it is.

I got off at Sloane Square tube station and headed straight for Peter Jones (part of the John Lewis chain).  They usually have very good sales and I suppose that this was no exception, except that it turned out that I really wasn’t in the mood to shop.  My funds are limited as it is and I already spent some money last weekend, so I mainly window shopped.  Turns out that the prices for the same items I purchased in Richmond were £10 dearer in PJ’s.  Go figure.  I know that I live south of the river, but where I live is considered desirable.  Obviously not as desirable as Sloane Square and the prices everyone charges.

I didn’t last too long in Peter Jones, about 45 minutes, long enough to get warm before heading out to find out where the agency was and to explore the area.  I didn’t really go very far, but I did go down a few lovely residential streets.  Before I take you on my route, I must inform you that this area has some of the most expensive real estate in London.  Here is a map to help you along.

Wilbraham PlI walked up Sloane Street and crossed over to Wilbraham Place (flat for sale: nearly £5M).  This building caught my eye because of the lovely detail in the doorway.  Technically, the address for this building is 155 Sloane Street and there is an identical building on the other side of the street.

Wilbraham Place and D'Oyley StreetI carried on walking to the end of the road where there is this beautiful block of flats on the corner.  I just loved the balconies and the curved turret on the corner of the building.

I made a right on D’Oyley Street (flat for sale: nearly £3M) to Sloane Terrace (flat for sale: from £500K to £4.5M) to have a look Cadogan Hallat Cadogan Hall.  I just loved the look of this building against the bright blue sky.  Cadogan Hall was initially built as the First Church of Christ, Scientist and is now home to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Telephone ExchangeAcross the road on Sedding Street was the old Telephone Exchange, a Grade II Listed building  which has been converted into office space.  Apparently Telereal made over £40M in the sale of three of its Telephone Exchange properties.  Nice for some.

I then backtracked down D’Oyley Street to Cadogan Lane (house for sale: £2.8M) where there was a row of Mews style houses and then turned left onto Cadogan Place (house prices up to £18M) back towards Sloan Street.  There were some lovely period houses here.  Actually, there were lovely properties on every street I went on.  Unfortunately, the battery was low on my camera and I couldn’t take as many photos as I wanted.

I carried on across Sloan Street and down Cadogan Gardens (properties up to £4M), left onto Pavillion Road to Symons Street (flats up to £1M) which has a few very smart shops, then right down Symons Street back to a different part Window Boxesof Cadogan Gardens where I spotted these beautiful wrought iron window boxes.  I just love these little details of architecture.

So I went back up Sloan Street to my interview, filled in a lot of forms and took a typing test, had the interview with two people and when I came out it was dark.

This is what I saw in the dark.  Sloane Square all lit up.

Sloane Square at NightI want to live around Sloane Square.

More photos around Sloane Square


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