Snow in Richmond Park


It stopped snowing about 9:30am so I went up to Richmond Park to take some photos.  It turns out that all of East Sheen was there as well!  There were parents with their children, older school kids, and people with their dogs.  Anyone and everyone seemed to be in the park.  There were people building snowmen and igloos.  There were people having real snowball fights, not the virtual ones on Facebook. Give me a real snowball fight any day.

The park was one glorious winter wonderland and everyone there was having a great time.  I wandered away from the crowd (it was very noisy) to take some pictures.  I saw a little Robin, but I wasn’t quick enough to take a photo, ditto with the parrots and the crows.  I focused on the trees and the deer.  I am better with stationary objects.


I made a Snow Angel.  How could I not?  It was easier making it than getting up!  I’m not sure that it was such a good move though as I was wearing jeans and they got a little bit wet.  I was a bit worried that I might get frostbite on my butt as it started snowing again and becoming colder.


Here is a video of the trees.  It isn’t very good as I am still getting used to certain features on my camera, but you can certainly hear the birds and get a good idea of how beautiful the trees were in the woods.

I had a lovely walk in the snow.  I could hear the crunching sound of every footstep I took.  I could taste the snowflakes falling from the sky.  Yes, I actually stood out in an open field with my head tilted back and my tongue sticking out so I could taste the snowflakes.  I could feel the cold wind on my face and the icy hardness of the snowball I created.  I could see the beauty created by nature, with my naked eye and enhanced with my tinted glasses that cut the glare (my driving glasses for grey, rainy days and better than drugs).

Here are the photos I took today.  While editing, I couldn’t decide which I preferred.  All of my photos came out with a blue tint and I wouldn’t mind some bright spark telling me why that happened even though it was a grey day.  Then I couldn’t decide if I liked the AutoContrast or Feeling Lucky editing feature on Picasa.  So I uploaded all three!  The trees are my favourite.  If you view the photos as a slideshow, you will be able to see the image subtly change.

It is amazing how a bit of snow can transform our environment.  My garden hasn’t looked this good for months.  Welcome to my winter white world.  They don’t call it pure as the driven snow for nothing.  I think everyone should take the day off from work and play in the snow!


3 thoughts on “Snow in Richmond Park

  1. Milonguero

    I was also out enjoying the snow in Richmond Park and did you notice how quiet it was without the cars and planes?

    1. Arlene

      I almost didn’t notice the missing car noise as the kids were making such a racket. My son and I went for a walk in the park, in the dark. The fields by Sheen Gate were trampled! I am so glad I went out this morning when it was still relatively pristine. Well, at least people were having fun!

  2. Thanks for the pictures.
    The way our news is covering it on our side of the pond, life has slowing crept to a halt there in London.

    I love how the snow makes everything appear fresh and clean.

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