Snow in the Morning

I think it has been snowing all night.  This is what it looked like when I went to bed after midnight.


This is what it looked like at 7:30am this morning.


We must have had 6 inches so far and it is still snowing at 8:15 am.  As soon as it stops snowing, I will go to the park. (don’t want to get my camera wet!)  When looking for the cat this morning, I saw that he did go out, but he went around the edge of the house where the snow wasn’t too deep.  What a clever little animal.

I just love how the snow sits on the shrubbery.  If I am going on about the snow, it is because snowfall is rare in London.  If it does snow, it is usually very little and then it is gone in an hour.  It also looks really beautiful!  A visual feast for the eyes!

The other thing about the snow is that the English don’t know how to drive in it.  Really!  Even though it may snow up north, and they know it is going to happen, they are still not prepared for it.  I can’t believe how many problems people have with the snow here.  Where I grew up, in New Jersey, they were prepared and had the snowplows out.  Sometimes we had so much snow, they had to dump it into the Raritan River.

I am not driving anywhere today as I would be too scared of the other drivers.  They just can’t cope with it.  I saw a Porsche crash into another car one year as he was going a little too fast and when he put on the brake, the car spun around.  I was glad my car wasn’t parked on that part of the road.  He obviously didn’t have snow or all weather tires on his car!

It is now 9am and brightening up, and still snowing. 🙂

Will keep you posted.