A Little Bit of Love


This is the Angel card I got this morning!  Every morning, once I’ve rolled out of bed, I close my eyes and dip my hand into the bowl of Angel cards and pick one out.  It tends to set me up for the day and gives me something to look forward to.

Today, I got Love and it also happens to be Valentine’s Day!

I have been reading Paulo Coelho’s book, The Zahir – it is about love.

I received an e-mail from Internet Man – ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ – short and sweet.  Not love – early days, but lovely sentiment none the less.

I made lunch for my son.  I love him and he is working today.

My son wished me Happy Valentine’s Day, helped me with a few things and thanked me for making lunch.  Must be love.

I received a text from my daughter – ‘Happy VD and all of that.’

I called back my daughter to tell her I loved her.  ‘I love you too Mummy!’

I am going to a Valentine’s Tango this evening.  Most of the people there will be single.  We will listen to love songs and dance.  We will not be alone.

I may not have received any cards or flowers, but I got Love.


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