A Very Short Walk Around Leadenhall Market


On the day The Universe toyed with me, I went to register with the recruitment agency for the temp job I was offered and that never happened.  The agency is in Leadenhall Market near Monument Underground Station.  I have never been there before.

In spite of my disappointment of the job being cancelled, I decided that I would wander around for a few minutes and take some photos as the market was so pretty and there weren’t many people around.

In the 14th century, a meat and fish market occupied the area on Leadenhall Street.  The market has undergone many changes over the centuries and has recently been updated in the last 10 years.  The area around Monument is very quaint and mixed architecturally.  You will find very old buildings interspersed with high-tech modern design.  New buildings are still being constructed.

Here is an interesting anecdote taken from the City of London website:  ‘A celebrated character in Leadenhall during the 18th century was ‘Old Tom’, a gander which managed to escape execution even though it is recorded that 34,000 geese were slaughtered there in two days. He became a great favourite in the market and was fed at the local inns. After his death in 1835 at the age of 38, he lay in state in the market and was buried there.’

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