My Baby has a Tattoo!

My eldest came home from University a couple of weeks ago for his grandmother’s 85th birthday celebrations.

The first thing he did when he saw me was to show me his tattoo.  I thought it was a transfer.  It is real.  I touched it.  It doesn’t wash off.  My baby is marked for life.  He had it for three weeks and I was the last one to know about it.  I am not sure why.  He discussed getting a tattoo with me when he was home for the Christmas holidays.  He had worked out his rationalisations and even though I am not 100% convinced or that I even get it, he is over 21 and it is his body to do as he pleases.  I only asked him to think about what he was doing since once it was done, that was it – the tattoo couldn’t be undone.

Maybe he wanted to see my reaction.  The last time he went to Glastonbury he came back with a nipple piercing.  As soon as he walked in through the door, he lifted up his T-shirt and said, “Look Mum, I got my nipple pierced!”  All I could see was a bloody scab forming and a metal bar through his nipple that wasn’t even level.  My baby was mutilated!

He doesn’t have the nipple piercing anymore.  The tattoo is a different story.

I have photographed the tattoo to document the change on what used to be my perfect (in my eyes) child.  Otherwise, how would I really know if it was him if he ever ended up in pieces and needed to be identified?

Apparently a lot of thought has gone into the design of this tattoo and he explained what it meant and how he came up with it.  I have been told that this isn’t the last of the tattoos.  Even though I can admit that this is an attractive and colourful tattoo, I cannot imagine any more tattoos on my child and how he will end up looking.  He is no longer as his father and I created him.

Now his brother is talking about getting a tattoo on his arm.

I think he is just taunting me now.


3 thoughts on “My Baby has a Tattoo!

  1. I got a very small tattoo, in a very inconspicuous place high on my left side over my ribs when I was in my early 20s.

    I was living and going to school in Boston and my dad’s reaction from 1500 miles away was priceless: “It better say ‘I love my dad’ “.

    I must admit, they can be addictive. I wanted another one immediately.

    However, I never got another one. I am glad I have it. It’s a secret in a way because no one knows I have it unless I tell them or if I am wearing a two-piece (which living in the midwest I don’t frequently do).

    I am glad I waited before getting another one. That desire passed.

    1. Arlene

      Hi Skye,

      I always wanted one. Having an extra piercing in my earlobe was radical enough. Now I am more mature, I am glad I never did it. They don’t look good when you are all saggy and wrinkled. But then again, by the time I get to that stage, will I really care. Hmm, I might have to re-think that one! 🙂

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