The Vitality Show – London

I know I said that I had a lot of things to do.   I do, but I have been getting up way too early since the clocks have gone forward and being a writer I felt the need to write and post something.  It is my addiction.

I took these photos at The Vitality Show partly because it was the most colourful display in the whole venue and partly as it seemed to me too incongruent with what the show was supposed to be about.


Trade shows are not what they used to be.  I remember one could come home from such a show with so much free merchandise.  These are lean times and the only thing free my daughter and I came home with was an emery board from the laser eye surgery people.  We sampled all the free food and wine on offer and were thus able to avoid the long queues for lunch.  The flavoured cheese was a firm favourite.  It was my daughter’s goal to come home with as much free stuff as possible, but it didn’t happen.   We passed on the goody bag on the way home as the queue was too long.

As far as The Vitality Show was concerned, it didn’t live up to it’s name.  We were more exhausted when we left than when we arrived.  The highlight for me was trying out the Shiatsu Massage Cushion.  I loved that.  They were going for £150.  I am unemployed and not willing to spend that amount of money, but for me, and for cash, they would give it to me for £100.  I had £60 on me which I would have happily parted with.  No deal.  Nevermind.  When I got home, I researched these cushions on the internet.  I can buy one at Amazon for about £40.

I think I know what the kids are buying me for my birthday this year.