A Walk Along the Bluebell Trail

After Monday’s glorious weather, yesterday seemed a bit grim in comparison.  It was hazy and slightly overcast.  Surprisingly, it was mild.  After getting off to a late start, we decided to drive to Arlington to have a look at the bluebells.  We had seen a small post in the travel section of the Observer on Sunday about things to do and which mentioned the best place to see bluebells.  Arlington is practically down the road from Eastbourne, so we hopped in the car to have a look.

There was a sign saying that the bluebells were a little bit late this year, but that we should see some colour.  We paid our money (£4 each), grabbed a map and off we went.  Fortunately, it wasn’t very busy.  I just love being out in nature.  I love the colours, the textures, the smells the scenery.  The walk didn’t disappoint.  It may not have been the most exciting thing I have done in awhile, but it was a lovely and gentle walk, very colourful and I had excellent company.  As usual, I snapped away with my little camera, but I have to say my Amor took the best photo of the day in my opinion.  He managed to digitally capture a peacock butterfly!   Apparently, they are not normally seen this time of year.  Imagine, getting so excited about something like a butterfly, but we did, and it was great.

The bluebells were not in full bloom, but there were masses of anemones carpeting the ground with the bluebells popping up here and there in between them.  I am always amazed by nature and how she can make something so small and yet so beautiful.

We meandered across fields to Cuckmere River where we sat on a bench and watched the water flow and listened to the birds.  It was really peaceful.  While making our way back we spotted some wagtails and came across some grouse making a racket.  The farmers tend to put out feeders for the wild birds.  Who knows, maybe one of those birds might end up on someone’s dinner table?

The walk took us between 1-2 hours maximum.  We weren’t in any hurry and were happy to just take our time and enjoy each other’s company while looking at the pretty flowers, birds, bunnies and whatever else caught our eye.

There is quite an impressive website, with an interactive map and a history of the walk.  So, if you get a chance, have a look at the bluebells.  They should be really looking good next week.



2 thoughts on “A Walk Along the Bluebell Trail

  1. Country Lover

    This sounds like a really neat walk, the pictures are amazing and have whetted my appetite to go visit.
    Was there any fungus on show?

    1. Arlene

      Hi Country Lover,
      I think you would really enjoy yourself, but get there quick before the bluebells disappear.
      I did spot some parasols. They are edible you know.

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