A Walk Around Eastbourne, Sovereign Harbour and Beachy Head

Another lovely weekend was had in Eastbourne.  Saturday was spent doing a few errands.  We went back to Nigel Greaves Gallery to collect the beautiful picture my Amor reserved a few weeks ago.  It was as lovely as I remembered it.  I don’t think that is the last that Nigel has seen of us.

eastbourne3That was cause for a celebratory drink (really, do we need an excuse?) and so we strolled over to Bibendum opposite the Town Hall, where I had sat outside with a coffee and the paper the previous weekend on Easter Sunday.  Bibendum is tastefully decorated with the restaurant off to one side and a very comfortable seating area to have drinks.  There are plenty of tables outside for the smokers and sun worshippers. Sitting on a corner the views are nice too with the Town Hall opposite and Our Lady of Ransom Catholic Church on the other corner.  The menu looks pretty good and is something to think about for the future, but most importantly, they make very pretty and tasty café lattes and serve the beer that we like.

After we finished our drinks, we walked over to Camilla’s Bookshop to see if we could find some books about the area.  This bookstore is an Aladdin’s cave of books.  You can spend months in there and still not go through everything as there are three floors full of books.  What I loved about the shop is that they also have books in shelves outside.  There is an honesty policy; if you want something and they are closed, you just pop the money through the letterbox.  Apparently it works!  Never would happen in London.  We found a few books that looked interesting to get us started.  We will definitely be coming back again.

On Sunday we drove over to Sovereign Harbour on the other side of Eastbourne.  At first glance the area looks pretty enough.  It may be next to the sea, but only a small proportion of the properties in the area actually overlook the sea.  Many of them overlook the harbour where the boats are moored.  I have to say that I was a bit disappointed in the area.  I am not sure that the quality of the restaurants or shops are really up to par for this type of development.  The fact that there is a Harvester restaurant doesn’t really do it for me.

I was particularly disappointed with the design of some of the buildings.  Although most of the properties have a balcony or terrace, there were some buildings with direct views of the sea that didn’t have any outside space overlooking that area.  Maybe the architects thought that one balcony was enough.  I sometimes wonder what goes on in their heads when they are designing something.

The best part of Sovereign Harbour was the beach.  We were going to sit by the rocks and just contemplate the sea, but we discovered a few lovely shells and took a little walk to search for more.  We came upon a pretty little mussel bed covered in baby barnacles.

sovereign-harbour-and-beachy-headWe left Sovereign Harbour in search of ice cream.  It is our quest to find the best ice cream in Eastbourne.  My last two cones at Favoloso left a lot to be desired in the flavour department.  Not enough.  It was suggested that we try Thayer’s, and so we did.  I went for an oriental ginger single scoop and was advised it might be spicy.  It was and I loved it!  My Amor went for the cappuccino and chocolate, one scoop of each.  The flavours were strong and the texture was creamy.  We were in ice cream heaven.  We took our cones to the beach, found a bench, and we sat there in creamy bliss watching the sea and the array of people walking up and down the promenade.

We eventually prised ourselves off our bench and drove out to Beachy Head.  I will let the photos do most of the talking here.  The view was breathtaking, with open views of the countryside on one hand the sea and cliffs on the other.  There were little wreaths, bunches of flowers and crosses dotted along the path were people have decided to hurl themselves over the cliffs; a morbid reminder to the depth of despair that some people will succumb.

sovereign-harbour-and-beachy-head1We headed over to the pub, imaginatively called The Beachy Head, for a drink before heading home.  Neither of us had been in here before.  It was nicely decorated and the smells coming from the kitchen were tempting.  We sat outside with our drinks and admired the view of the countryside and planned a future walk of The Seven Sisters to Beachy Head, with a stop for lunch at the pub, followed by walking the rest of the way home.  I think I may need to go on a few more walks to get into shape before we attempt this.

Before I knew it, the weekend was over and it was time to head back to London.  The weekends are just too short.  No sooner than they start, you are enjoying yourself, then they are over.  I want every day to be the weekend so I can do everything that I want to do, and take my time about it.