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The storm has arrived.  In my life there is always a lull before something big happens.  As with the weather, I can always sense when things are going to change.  It can be a matter of days, weeks or months, but I know when there is a lull before the storm. Once I am aware of it, I try to make the most of my free time as I know that I will end up being extremely busy.

My redundancy was the lull before the storm.  I started the blogs.  I looked for work.  I went Internet Dating.  I reconnected with family members and old friends.  Did I say looked for work?  I went to museums and the cinema.  I danced a lot.  I have read a lot of books.  I have a new job.  I met a man and fell in love.

I have had five months of a lull.  If I had known that my lull would have been that long and that I would be employed as a retail therapist, I might not have spent so much time working at looking for work that probably doesn’t exist and life might have been a little bit less stressful.

Now that I am working and my relationship is in full swing and I am putting a lot of energy into trying to sell my house (that means keeping it clean and tidy and getting rid of things I don’t need), a few things are starting to fall by the wayside.  Namely, trying to keep up with posts and dancing.

So here are some photos from the last few weeks that I spent at the coast.  There was an antique car show in Eastbourne over the May bank holiday and a French Market.  The weather was fantastic!  I tried mussels for the first time (more about that in another post), and the observation deck on the Pier opened to the public for the season.

Eastbourne 020509

Last weekend mi Amor was working and I was left to my own devices.  I have an incredible fascination with the Pier and am going to eventually take the perfect photograph of it.  I also have a fascination with the little sailboats which are not much bigger than a windsurfer.


I was also gearing myself up to climb up the hill that takes you to Beachy Head and nearly exhaused myself walking up one of the Avenues beforehand.  I managed it in the end though and the view was stunning.  As you can see, it was another lovely weekend!

The Hill in Eastbourne

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