Beachy Head, a bike ride, and some rain


I went back down to Eastbourne this past weekend and after a break from going down to the coast, I was actually missing it.  As much as I love London and where I live, and after 20+ years of making London my home, I am falling in love with another place.  I can’t help it.

Saturday was not as sunny and bright as we expected it to be considering the forecast, but the weather was mild, the clouds were high and it was possible to see a long way along the coast.  Amor took me straight to the promenade.  The smell of the fresh air, looking at the calm sea and listening to the seabirds put me at ease and gave me an instantaneous sense of peace.  What more could I ask for as Amor was already with me?

We walked towards Beachy Head along the seafront.  It wasn’t our initial intention to actually walk up to Beachy Head, but we did.  I have to say that we did take our time about it though.  The scenery was lovely and the first part was quite an easy stroll.  I took some photos of the lighthouse.  One day I will take a photo of it from the beach when the tide is out.  I will need to check the tide tables first before I attempt it.  We eventually climbed to the top.  It was a bit of a struggle for me and I needed to stop a few times.  However, it was all worth it for the view and the fact that there was a pub right in front of us.  We stopped for a well deserved drink and to admire the view.  While we were enjoying our drinks, an ambulance rushed by.  We couldn’t actually see what was happening, but we could hazard a guess when we saw the helicopter come in to land.  It seemed that there was another casualty off Beachy Head.

It was getting late and we decided to make our way back home.  On the way out of the pub I spotted the bus.  Talk about perfect timing.  We hopped on the bus, which saved us about an hour of walking and gave us plenty of time to get ready to go out to dinner.

Sunday came with the weather that was predicted for the weekend.  It was hot and sunny and we had a bit of a breeze.  We went for a bike ride along the waterfront as Amor had brought my bike down from London the previous weekend.   The bike ride was fairly easy, although I hadn’t used my bicycle for quite some time and the walk to Beachy Head the day before wasn’t doing me any favours.  We parked ourselves on the beach to sunbathe for an hour or so and listen to the sound of the waves.    It was good to see that there were others with the same idea.  Although not packed, there were many families out on the shore that day.  I was starting to think that summer had actually arrived.  There were many sailboats, windsurfers and jet skis out on the water.  It was so lovely relaxing in the sunshine and watching everything move around us.  There were even a couple of mad people attempting to swim.

We eventually got dressed and cycled back into town for some ice cream.  We went back to Thayers where I had a cappuccino with pistachio cone and Amor went for a caramel and walnut.  I decided that I am going to set up a spreadsheet comparing the ice cream from the three major ice cream parlours in Eastbourne.  We have the enviable task of trying all of the flavours to see who has the best ice cream in Eastbourne.  I will let everyone know the results once the research is completed.  It could take awhile.

Monday woke us up with a thunderstorm.  It was nice to sleep in for a change.  By the time we were ready to hit the town again, the sun had come out.  We strolled into town to do a little shopping and to have some lunch.  Lunch was had alfresco and by the time we finished the weather changed again.  We carried on with our shopping then spent the rest of the afternoon at home watching another thunderstorm.  Fortunately we missed the deluge.  I think the exercise undertaken the last couple of days finally caught up with us and we just had a quiet evening at home.  Amor cracked open a bottle of wine, so that helped.

All in all, it was a great weekend!