Going on Vacation with Amor

I am going on vacation with Amor.

This is the first vacation I have had with a man in over 5 years.  I am sure that we will have a great time, but there is a tiny little part of me that is slightly apprehensive.  You see, my best vacations have been when I have gone away on my own.  When you are on your own you can do what you want, when you want it.  No conferring.  No compromising.  You just do whatever takes your fancy.  When travelling by yourself, you are never really alone if you don’t want to be.  My last holiday in Sevilla, the week before I was made redundant, was fantastic!  There were a few times that I thought it would be nice to have someone with me to share a particular moment, but the feeling quickly passed.  I don’t think I would have had as great a time or met the people I did if I was with someone, especially if I had been with a man.

Having dancing skills has been a big boost to the quality of my holidays.  It now gives me an extra something to do in the evening rather than sitting alone in my hotel.  I can pretty much go to any city and find a dance venue [Tango, Salsa or Ceroc (Jive, etc)].  I don’t even have to speak the language.  Dance has a language of it’s own.  It is another way to get exercise and meet new friends.  I met some lovely people in Sevilla through Tango.  ‘Habla español?’  ‘No mucho, pero hablo Tango.’

We are going to the place where we met (I was on my own and had a great time).  Amor has been many times since we first met.  In fact, this will be his third trip so far this year.  He knows a lot of the people that work in the hotel and dive center.  I don’t know anyone.  I am not so sure who has the bigger advantage.  There are times I like to be invisible.

I will not be taking my laptop.  I will take a diary for notes, my mobile for emergencies, MP3 for my Tango music and my camera.  I have my mask and snorkel and the new fins and boots that Amor bought me for my birthday.  The rest of the kit I need to hire and I really don’t need to pack much clothing.  It will be very hot and a lot of time will be spent underwater.  There is no Tango dancing where we are going.  That doesn’t bother me.

Amor is going to be my dive buddy.  I couldn’t be in safer hands as he qualified to be a dive master when I first met him.  He is going to be my leader and I must really pay attention to him, sort of like in Tango.   The only difference is that this could be a life or death situation.

Maybe he ought to be apprehensive instead of me?


2 thoughts on “Going on Vacation with Amor

  1. Hey A.
    Just want to wish you a wonderful holiday and also say a rather belated happy birthday… just catching up on my blog reading!

    Here’s to girl power and joy and love, whatever our age eh?
    Honestly I feel at my most energised ever at 46 and I have a feeling it is only gonna get better!!!

    Warm hug, SC

    1. Arlene

      Hi Sally,

      Thank you for the Birthday wishes.
      The holiday was FANTASTIC!
      I am all for girl power. Age is a mind thing and the mature woman is usually overlooked, undervalued and underestimated. I would hate to be in the person’s shoes who does that as we are full of surprises.


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