Status Update: Weekend at the Seaside


I’m still working on Part 3 of my holiday with Amor.  Since I came back from holiday, I have been working full time in the shop, locally and at Chiswick.  It is really tough standing on your feet for 8 hours a day and the last two weeks are really starting to take it’s toll.

On top of that, my other two children are back from University.  My eldest son has now finished University and has passed with a 2.1.  He can now put BA(hons) after his name.  I am one proud mama!  All he needs is a job.

My daughter is on her summer holidays and is also looking for work.  She may have something for a few days a week.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Although it is nice to have all of the children at home, it is also disruptive.  They are messy and I am trying to sell my house.  I have become used to having my space to myself.  I am also so tired from working all day that when I come home, cooking, cleaning and tidying up is the last thing I want to do.  Anyone that has teenagers knows how difficult it is to get them to do anything, let alone anything for you.  I may have to resort to drastic measures.

I hadn’t been to the seaside for two weeks since I came back from The Red Sea.  I was missing it and so I went down to the coast again this past weekend.  The weather forecast was good and I had high hopes for the weather.

On Saturday, we rode our bikes down to the shops as I wanted to get a few things.  Unfortunately it was too much for me.  The shops were having sales and it was crowded and there were queues.  I couldn’t cope and started to get impatient and a bit claustrophobic, so I nipped shopping in the bud.  Amor is a dream.  He doesn’t mind shopping.   When he gets bored, he goes out for a smoke.

We went to the beach instead.  It was a glorious day and we were sort of on a schedule as we were going out to lunch and then to meet a couple of Amor’s friends later that evening.  I would have liked to postpone meeting his friends only because the weather was so glorious and I would have liked to have stayed on the beach longer.

We found a spot on a section of beach that was empty.  For a lovely day, it wasn’t very crowded.  I think most of the people were by the pier.  We parked ourselves and topped up our tans that were fading after two weeks of being back in the UK.  I think my tan started to fade as soon as I got on the plane.  It was wonderful listening to the sound of the water against the shore.  The sea was really calm and there was a slight breeze, perfect for sunbathing.  After a couple of hours, we headed off to The Ship for  a late lunch in the garden.  Lunch was lovely and it was great to eat outdoors.  I just love the summer!

After lunch, we cycled down to Favoloso for some ice cream.  I let Amor choose while I guarded the bikes by a table outside.  He came back with Mango Tango and Blueberry for me and he had Pistachio and Chocolate Chip.  It was all yummy.  Afterwards, we went back home to watch some tennis and relax before getting ready to go out.  We fell asleep in front of the tennis.  Must have been all that sea air.

We met up with Amor’s friends at 7:30.  They are really lovely people, a little bit mad, but lovely.  It was a real pleasure to meet them and we had an enjoyable evening out.

Sunday’s weather started out a bit dull, but by the time we were ready to head out to the beach, it brightened up.  We packed a picnic, a bar-b-q, and a bottle of wine.  We drove out to the other end of the beach this time near the boats and the lifeboat station.  The sea was as flat as a pancake.  There were a few sailboats out and a jet ski here and there.  At one point, the lifeboat was called out and quickly dispatched to the sea.  It headed towards the pier.  It must not have been too serious, as they returned fairly quickly.

Amor and I just spent the day lazing around reading the Sunday papers, having a bit of lunch, sunbathing, sleeping, grilling some fish and drinking wine.  There were families out with their children, mad people swimming in the sea, and a group on the other side of us doing some off shore fishing.  There was a magnificent cloud to one side of us, but it was being blown in the opposite direction.  The sky changed about 5pm and created the most wonderful light on the sea.  We stayed out until about 8pm and it was still warm and light.  Bliss!

It was a perfect weekend to a rather hectic couple of weeks.

On Monday it starts all over again!


2 thoughts on “Status Update: Weekend at the Seaside

  1. Just caught up on all your adventures scuba and otherwise… fabulous.
    That picture of you at the top of this post – Wow! You look so happy A. and full of energy and zest for life.
    How marvellous!

    Energised hugs, SC

    1. Arlene

      Hi Sally,

      Amor took that photo when we were on the beach. We were having a fab day just hanging out. I am really happy and have been even before Amor. He is a wonderful addition to my life and we always have a great time together, even doing nothing.
      It’s amazing what one can do when you have supportive people around you. They just lift your spirit upwards.

      Onwards and upwards is the way to go! To life and living it!
      A xx

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