On Holiday With Amor Part 5: The Divemaster – Unmasked!


Friday:  Up again at 7am, coffee in bed! 🙂

Have breakfast, meet up at 8am, drive to the marina, get on the boat and set up our gear.  Same boat as before, same instructors, same crowd with a couple of extras.

We go back to dive in the Strait of Tiran.  Our first dive takes place at Thomas Reef. This was going to be a drift dive.  Sometimes the currents can be very strong around the reefs in the Strait, and this can make the dive challenging and tiring, so the second dive at Jackson Reef before lunch was going to be the optional dive for the day as our third dive was going to be local and easier. There was a bit of a wind up and the water was a little bit choppy but no white horses.

We dived to a depth of 23 meters and our dive lasted for 60 minutes!   It was beautiful!  I spotted a Red Bearded Scorpion Fish. They can be tricky to see as they like to hide themselves into the coral and they blend in very well.  We also came across a group of masked puffer fish.  They are so cute, especially in a group.  They look like little bandits.  We also came across a small school of Jacks. There was a bit of a current, but it wasn’t too bad.  I just held onto Amor’s hand so I wouldn’t get too caught up in it and end up in the shipping lane.  There were a lot of lovely corals to look at.  The more I write these posts, the more I wish I had an underwater camera.  I don’t really have the words to fully describe my experiences.  There is so much to see and the feeling of serenity or wonder and awe isn’t in my vocabulary when trying to explain my experience to someone who isn’t a diver.


I took some photos of Amor in his diving gear as he was getting ready for his second dive and while he was checking Gary (his dive buddy) was ok.  I may be a little bit biased, but I thought he looked pretty darn good with his kit on!  I chilled out on the upper deck for the second dive.  A little bit of sunbathing, sleeping and chatting.  We had a lovely lunch after everyone returned and relaxed some more.

Our third dive (or second for some) was at Ras Nasrani, a local dive.  The coral reef here is really beautiful and we were still hoping to find the ever elusive Whale Shark that had been seen here.  We went to a depth of 16 meters and our dive lasted 60 minutes.  We saw some blue spotted sting rays and a few Napoleon wrasse.  We just pottered around looking at the lovely coral and reef fish.  There is so much to see and marvel at.  Most of our dive was spent at about 5-10 meters and is where the coral is most colourful because of the light.  No Whale Shark was seen.

We headed back to the marina.  This was our last day on the Mondi 1 and we had to pack up all of our gear that would be taken onto another boat for tomorrow’s dive.  Amor asked someone to take our photo.  I had been taking photos all week and it was about time we had our photo taken together.  It is the first one ever.


When we got back to our hotel to drop off our things before we all met up at the bar, this is what we found on our bed.  Hmmmmmmmmm!: