On Holiday With Amor Part 7: Going Home


Sunday:  We are going home today.  We sleep in.  I get my last cup of coffee in bed.  There is no hurry for anything.  We go in to breakfast.  The cook is doing omelettes.  After a week of only having yoghurt with honey, fresh dates, fruit, and coffee for breakfast, I decide to have an omelette with peppers, mushrooms and onions.  It is delicious!  I am not a big breakfast eater the best of times, especially at 7:30am.  The late start was better for my appetite.

After breakfast we go to pay our bar and food bill.  It is the equivalent of about £40.  Not bad going.  We really didn’t drink much this week because of the diving and only had one meal in the hotel.  Next we go to pay for our diving.  That was pretty good too.  The bill was in Euros, but I had a fair amount of pounds on me and I paid with that.  All we had to do was finish packing.  That took about 5 minutes.  One doesn’t really need much on a scuba diving holiday.

We were off to sit by the pool for the rest of our time.  We didn’t have to leave until 3pm.  We were lucky to grab a couple of deck chairs with an umbrella.  The pin to the umbrella was missing, but Amor improvised and found a pen to keep it open.  🙂  It was too hot to sit directly in the sun.  Dee sat next to us and so we had someone to chat with.  However, no-one was really in the mood for chat.  We just sat quietly and read our respective books:  Dee with romantic trash (I love those, great for holidays), Amor with his thriller/suspense, and me with new book by a Brazilian novelist that I had started a couple of weeks earlier.  Our friend Gary eventually joined us with his book about Obama.  (He started off with Andrew Marr’s book about the history of England, but tired of it mid-week.)  Occasionally, we would venture into the pool to cool down or doze off with the voices of the scuba lesson taking place in the pool.  I think all the excitement from the week’s diving took its’ toll.  It was great just to sit and relax.   Hearing the lesson gave me déjà-vu and took me back to when I had my first scuba lesson all those years ago.  I never would have thought that I would love to scuba dive or that I would be lying by this pool, next to Amor.

After all the thrill and excitement of lazing by the pool, it was time for lunch.  This was our last chance for a decent meal before we got back to the UK.  After being really good and careful about avoiding wheat most of the week (it doesn’t agree with me), I went for a burger and fries.  It was good!

It was time to get ready to leave.  We showered and got ready, took one last look around the room in case we forgot something, and left.  I was starting to feel a little bit sad.  I had such a great holiday and couldn’t believe it was time to go home.  The week just flew by.  There were so many things to still see and do.

We got on the coach to the airport. We had no problems checking in our luggage.  The couple in front of us were getting a hard time and we thought we might have some difficulty, but surprisingly the man was really pleasant to us.  Then we had to go to security.  There was a queue.  Then an Italian couple cut in line and pissed everyone off.  Words were bandied back and forth, but they weren’t listening.  They were in such a hurry that the Italian lady left her handbag behind!  🙂  Once we got through all the passport and security checks, we had some time to wander around the shops.  There wasn’t anything I wanted to purchase.  Dee was still there (she had an earlier flight to us) and we said our last goodbyes and had our last Egyptian beer before we boarded our plane.

The flight was uneventful and the food was rubbish as before.  I was glad I had that burger earlier.  There were no problems collecting our luggage upon landing and the weather was mild when we went outside to go and collect the car.  We drove back to Amor’s.  I had to get up early to drive back to London as I had to work.   The holiday was over, back to reality.

I had one of the best holidays ever.  Certainly the best one I have ever had with a man.  I wonder where we will be going on our next holiday?