Minding Your Own Business

Have you ever noticed that the most successful people tend to have a one track mind?  They know what they want and they just go for it.  They are not concerned about what other people are doing.  They just focus on the tasks in hand and deal with whatever comes their way.  They are not worried about competition. or what the neighbours will think.

Have you ever noticed what happens when you put attention elsewhere, rather than on what you are supposed to be doing?  Things go pear-shaped (an English expression).  There is a reason why it is now against the law to talk on a mobile phone and drive at the same time.  Heck, it can be a distraction just talking to the person sitting next to you in the car.  There are certain situations when multi-tasking is not a good idea.

And what about politicians?  Have you noticed that during an election, there is always one party bad-mouthing the other?  Have you ever wondered why that was?  I think it is because they are scared that the other side might win and they feel the need to bad-mouth the other side as their own side hasn’t really got enough of what it takes.  Obviously a lack of self confidence.  The only thing that really does is focus attention on the other side – and the other side, because they are minding their own business, usually wins.  See how that works?  Just look at what happened in the last US elections.

Then you have your average, everyday, busy-bodies.  The sad and pathetic people that need to get involved with other people’s business because they have no real life of their own.  With the amount of soap operas on TV, you would think that would be enough for them.

On top of the average, everyday, busy-bodies, there are the other sad and pathetic people, but instead of just getting involved with other people’s business, they actually go out of their way to interfere with people’s lives to cause inconvenience, irritation, annoyance, or even emotional harm – all without thinking about the consequences.  Consequences?  Yes, actions have consequences.  They might get some joy at trying to annoy someone whom they believe may have done them wrong, but they can also end up upsetting an innocent party in the process.  I always think that whatever goes around comes around.  Whenever you go out of your way to interfere with someone else, it usually comes back to bite you in the ass – and usually when you least expect it.

The problem is; those people don’t think – they react – and they are very self-centred.  Just think what they could actually be doing with their lives with the amount of time they spend wasting it, focusing on what someone else is doing.  Just think of the amount of effort it takes to go out of your way to do something nasty, rather than something nice.  I almost feel sorry for people like that.

I have learned a long time ago to mind my own business, even when other people were trying to interfere with what I was doing.  When you mind your own business, you don’t have dramas or problems.  You might have issues that may need a resolution, but there is a resolution to every issue.  When you mind your own business, nothing is written in stone.  Having a flexible attitude contributes to avoiding disappointment.  Things can happen that are beyond one’s control.  Plans change.  No big deal.

We just need to keep in mind the big picture and work towards it by minding our own business.  So you all know what I’m doing!