On Being 50: Mammograms and Colposcopy

Carrying on from my previous post on Mammograms or breast screening as they now call it, I am pleased to say that my results are clear and showed no signs of breast cancer.  Coincidentally, I bumped into my friend yesterday (the one I met in the hospital the same day I had my scan), and she asked me if I had heard anything yet.  I got the letter today, so hopefully she will have her results soon and have as good news as I did.

I won’t have to go again for another three years.  I have been advised to continue to be breast aware and notice any changes in my breasts.  I might need a second opinion.  Amor has offered his services.  That is so sweet.

I don’t mean to make light of breast screening at all and I am so relieved that there is nothing wrong with me.  There are many women that are not as fortunate.  These screenings are extremely beneficial as early detection can help save lives.  What is a little discomfort compared to dying?  So, if you are asked to attend a breast screening, please go.

I have had a little scare last November with the results of a pap smear showing abnormal cells and have had to have a colposcopy which resulted in the removal of part of my cervix.  Fortunately, the procedure was successful, but I now have to have regular check-ups every six months.

The aging process brings with it many changes and challenges.  The skin is not as firm and supple as it used to be.  Wrinkles appear overnight.  If what you thought was a pillow crease is still there at the end of the day, well…   Bruises take longer to disappear.  Gravity takes its toll.  We are basically slowing down.  I don’t mind slowing down, but I would really like to do it at my own pace, and as long as I don’t come to a complete stop, I am ok with what is happening to me.

So, the doctors may be taking bits of me and my body is slowly re-arranging itself, but life is actually better than ever.  Go figure.


3 thoughts on “On Being 50: Mammograms and Colposcopy

  1. gerry

    how nice for you that your result from the mammogram was positive – it must be a huge relief! And how very sweet of your Amor to undertake the checking of your breasts from now on. But then he has experience – but OH – what a pity that he abandoned his third wife when she was just about to start 6 months of gruelling chemotherapy after losing her breast to cancer – she wasn’t as lucky as you was she ?? And how do you feel being the mistress of such a man – but then as you so eloquently tell us all – you have been married three times as well so you obviously don’t care very much about anyone but yourself.

    But then you must know what he is like – not a very nice person but VERY good at hiding it – beware !!

  2. Evie

    What a relief! The wait is always scary. My mom’s side has a history of breast problems, so I’m always religious about doing the mammogram. Good lord, that machine is a pain in the butt…I mean, in the breast. There has to be a better way… Oh, and I’m already seeing some of those darn pillow creases. Sigh!

    1. Arlene

      Yes Evie, it was a relief. My friend found it more uncomfortable than I did apparently.
      Maybe technology will improve. By the way, you look great!

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