A Year in a Blog

It is amazing how quickly time passes.  It has been one year now since my first attempt at blogging.  I hope that my blog posts this last year have been marginally entertaining and somewhat informative.

I had started the blog for two reasons:  Firstly, to keep my family and friends up to date with what I have been doing, and secondly, to find a voice for my writing (I’m still working on that one).  I can rest assured that my family, friends and others are aware of what I have been doing with myself this past year.  There have been a lot of changes afoot.  I think the key words for me this past year have been change and patience.

One minute I was happily managing an Architect’s practice only to learn that our practice was closing down.  Eventually, I get a job as a retail therapist at a fraction of what I had earned before.  I hadn’t worked in retail since college and that was only part-time.  I learned a lot more about women and how they feel about themselves with regard to clothes.  That was a real eye-opener and had given me a huge insight into how women think they should look and how they feel about their bodies.

Another minute I was happily single and then I met someone and fell in love.  I am now happily with a partner.  If anyone would have ever suggested it would happen the way it did, I would never have believed it.

I have done a lot of things I hadn’t done before.  I have learned new things.  I have been to new places.  I have made new friends.  I have also lost a family member and I have re-connected with family I hadn’t been in contact with for years.

Looking back, it seems that for every loss there has also been a gain.  In fact, there have been more gains than losses, so I am ahead and doing rather well.

I have also had to learn patience.  I am still unsure if I have actually learned it.  I am not a patient person.  Things don’t always move at the speed that I would like them to.  I am action woman and very pro-active.  I sometimes wonder what lessons I am supposed to be learning while The Universe is making me wait for things.  Maybe I am supposed to be more trusting and realise that things always work out for the best?  They have so far!

I am really looking forward to the next year as there are even more changes afoot, places to visit and new friends to make.