Snow in Eastbourne!

I have upgraded my little Fuji Finepix 5 mega pixl camera for a Canon 450D EOS.  I have always wanted a camera like this as I have a 35mm Canon EOS and I can use the two lenses from that on the new camera.  It is one of my Christmas presents to myself. 🙂  The whole kit with extras cost me only a little bit more than my 35mm over 15 years ago!  I got a deal.  My son gave me a lesson on how to use it.  He is excellent at explaining how to use the camera and it’s functions.  I asked him if I should take a photography course and he told me ‘no’ as he could teach me.  ‘Anything you want to know Mum, just ask me’, he said.  I guess all the money spent on his education was worth it!  (He has a degree in Media, Film and Photography) I only wish that I had as good retention as he does, as I only managed to retain about half of what he told me.  Maybe I will join a photography club.  A lot can be learned from one’s peers.  As can be imagined, I have been itching to try out my new toy and I got the chance this morning.

It snowed last night!  It was still snowing at 6:30 this morning!  Too dark and snowy to take photos.  I got up anyway, made coffee, threw on some warm clothes, and gave the cat his morning lovin.  Then I drove off to the beach.  I got there about 7:30 to catch the morning light.  Fortunately the roads were clear.  They were prepared for the snow it seems, unlike other areas in the UK.

The photos on this page are totally un-retouched as I just wanted to get them here as quickly as possible.  I tried different settings and lenses as the light was changing.    The light was amazing and it was very cold.  I haven’t been up to the beach that early in the morning, but it was worth it just to see the waves rolling in while the tide was out.  The contrast of a dark sky in the background over the sea, the light on the water, the brown shingle and white snow was breathtaking.  I know that I may not have totally captured it, but I did my best and you should get an idea of what it was like.  I hope you enjoy them.

A Dopey Christmas 2009

As 2009 wanes, I have been reflecting on the various changes (new beginnings) that have occured in my life this year.

I found some work and although it wasn’t what I was looking for, it was a job and it was interesting.  I learned a lot about women and how they view themselves.

I fell in love.  I wasn’t looking for anything but it happened none the less.  I feel blessed.

And I finally sold my house!!!!!  I wouldn’t believe it until the money was in the bank.  The feeling of relief is immense.  I have a chance to start over and make better decisions.  Not many people get that and I am immensely grateful.

The interesting thing is that none of these things came easily.  I had to wait!  I hate waiting and I had to be in the moment.  It wasn’t easy, but in the end, it was all worth it.  All good things are worth waiting for.

The holidays are going to be a busy time with things to do and people to see.  Suddenly, life is very busy and there won’t be much time for blogging.  Life is taking over and I actually like that.

We are being very minimal with the Christmas decorations this year.   All of mine is in storage and Amor’s is elsewhere, though he does have a very special decoration that I thought might be a bit tacky, but I think it’s actually quite cute.  I splashed out on a very tiny tree and some lights.

After all of the stresses of the last year, I am determined to relax and enjoy the holidays.   I am eating and drinking what I want.  I am going to laugh and have a great time!  So I am wishing everyone a Very Dopey Christmas!  All the best!