Extreme Fishing with Robson Green – Series 3 Episode 4

Tangodiver and The Divemaster missed Episode 3 last week and watched a DVD instead (still time to watch it on Demand 5). 🙂

Tangodiver didn’t know what compelled them to watch it last night.  Maybe because Tangodiver secretly fancies Robson Green?  He has that cute boyish exuberance about him.  The Divemaster gets that way about scuba diving and it makes Tangodiver feel mushy and indulgent with him.  Anyway, The Divemaster said, ‘Go on, let’s watch it before NCIS (or was it CSI?).  You know you will like it and might have something to write about.’  So they did, but ended up missing the first 10 minutes of it because they didn’t make up their mind quick enough!

This time, Robson was in Sri Lanka.  Tangodiver had never been to Sri Lanka.  The closest she has been was in the Maldives.  Close, but no cigar.  Tangodiver and The Divemaster started watching when Robson was on a beach where some locals had caught some fish that were protected.  There was a hacked up ray and a dead baby hammerhead shark.  Tangodiver nearly broke down in tears when she saw that.  After all, she had her very first hammerhead shark encounter only last June!  (You can read about it here.)

Tangodiver thinks that this programme should come with a disturbing scenes warning!  WARNING:  The scene you are about to witness may be offensive to scuba divers.  Please go into another room now or turn off your TV, or switch the channel for a few minutes. Even The Divemaster was disturbed by it.  It was a good thing he was lying down!  Tangodiver has no issues about fishing as she has been fishing since she can remember.  Her father taught her how to fish when she was a little girl and is not squeamish about baiting a hook, unlike her offspring, and actually likes going out fishing on occasion.  If someone, like the government, tells you not to kill certain species of fish, then you shouldn’t is all.

Robson eventually moved off the beach and tried to catch eels in a bat cave while being rained on by bat guano.  That was very funny!  They didn’t catch anything.  Actually, Robson didn’t seem to catch much of anything on this trip, which made him swear a lot.  This programme comes with a strong language warning, as Robson says the ‘F’ word a lot, but Robson is quite funny with it.  It isn’t as if he is swearing at anyone directly, unlike some other TV celebrities.  Tangodiver asked The Divemaster if the ‘F’ word was more acceptable than the ‘S**t’ word and The Divemaster seemed to think so.  Tangodiver won’t go into what happened the rest of the programme as she doesn’t want to spoil it for those that missed it, but she was entertained until it got to the competition.

Tangodiver wants to know:  Why the ‘F’ are Channel 5 having another competition to go fishing for another protected species of fish?  This time it’s Marlin fishing!  Tangodiver can only hope that they will be tagged and released back into the wild!

By the way, you are all aware that most, if not all of this series has already been filmed.  There won’t be anything you will be able to do about anything that distresses you except to complain to Channel 5.  Though Tangodiver is not sure that will do any good as she is still waiting for a proper reply about the shark fishing competition that she saw in Episode 2!

You have been warned!

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  1. Sophie

    shark fishing… I still cry when I think of the *pile* of dead hamerhead babies (10-15in long) that had been fished then discarded off the banc d’arguin in Mauritania. Thankfully, I had snapped photos and passed them to people in power who did something about it (a bit too late for the babies…)

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