Extreme Fishing with Robson Green in China

Tangodiver watched Episode 3 (Series 3) on Demand Five without The Divemaster as he had to work. 😦

This time our Robson was in China, where they are known to eat anything, especially carp, except for the ornamental ones.  Now Tangodiver has never been to China, but she has eaten lots of Chinese food, her favourite being Peking duck!

Robson starts off very well catching some large carp with a group of fishermen and then gets squeamish when he is offered the best part of the fish, the lips and eyes.  Imagine not liking fish eyes!  Tangodiver has been eating fish eyes since she was a little girl as her mother used to make fish soup (head and all) on occasion.  Robson needs to remember the words of Tangodiver’s dad, ‘If you kill it, you eat it.’  It should be his mantra.

Next he was off to hunt for octopus, not very successfully.  Tangodiver had to give Robson a bit of credit here.  When he was served a plate of small whole octopus, he ate it and seemed to actually enjoy it.  Tangodiver is not a big fan of eating octopus as she finds them a bit rubbery, but it was nice to see Robson eating what he caught that day.

Tangodiver didn’t find Robson’s exploits in China to be as interesting or entertaining as the other episodes she has watched.  There certainly was a lot less swearing in this episode and there wasn’t anything untoward to make her squeamish, bring her to tears, or make her outraged.  In fact, she found it a bit boring!  The Divemaster didn’t miss anything and neither did you if you didn’t get to see it.  Perhaps it was good that they watched a DVD the night this episode was on! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Extreme Fishing with Robson Green in China

  1. carp are such fun fish to fish for. they fight hard and leave a angler happy with his prospects. great blog. i like your layout alot. good day mate

    1. Arlene

      Hi Pierce,
      Thanks for stopping by. Carp may be fun to fish for, but I don’t think that they taste that great! 🙂

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