Extreme Fishing with Robson Green in Zambia and Zimbabwe

After being bored to tears watching Robson fishing in China, Tangodiver took a risk and went back to Demand Five to catch up with the first episode of series 3.

The series starts with Robson in the Zambia and Zimbabwe.  Tangodiver hadn’t been to this part of Africa.  She tends to avoid visiting countries in political strife and without a natural coastline, regardless of how beautiful it might be.  In Zimbabwe Robson goes fishing for big mouth bass.  Tangodiver’s dad would love to fish here.  He regularly goes fishing for bass in the waterways of Delaware and Maryland. 🙂

It  quickly becomes apparent that our Robson is not a very patient fisherman.  He seems to be very goal orientated and tends to swear a lot when he doesn’t get what he wants.  Tangodiver finds the psychology of this particular type of fisherman very interesting.  She was in hysterics when Robson wasn’t able to catch the Tigerfish that he went for on the Zambezi River.  The river was a scene of natural scenic beauty and the weather seemed perfect.  Most fishermen would have been happy to be in such a beautiful place regardless, but not Robson.  He kept losing fish after fish. 🙂

The next Tigerfish expedition took place by Victoria Falls, another place of natural beauty.  This time Robson was successful in catching a Tigerfish, thus putting him in a better mood.  It was like watching a little kid at Christmas.  At the end of the day’s fishing, Robson told his guide that he had an amazing day.  Tangodiver wonders what he would have said if he hadn’t caught a fish that day?

This episode wasn’t particularly interesting on the fishing front, but the upside was that the location of one of great natural beauty.  Tangodiver particularly liked the part where they go down some rapids and Robson is screaming like a girl.  Tangodiver hasn’t ever been down any rapids and would assume that she might scream like a girl too, but then again she is one. 🙂


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    1. Arlene

      You are so right Maryland Fishing. Maybe that is why my dad doesn’t mind if he doesn’t catch anything. Just being on the boat in glorious weather can be enough. Thanks for stopping by.

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