Extreme Fishing With Robson Green

If you are waiting for Tangodiver’s post for Episode 5, you will have to wait a little bit longer as it wasn’t on last night.  There was Rugby instead.    😦  Although Tangodiver is capable of watching big men running around with a ball and crashing into each other for hours on end, she just wasn’t in the mood.

Instead, Tangodiver watched three episodes of Latin Music USA on BBC 4 iplayer.  If you don’t know this already, Tangodiver has two grand passions:  Tango dancing and scuba diving (three, if you count her passion for The Divemaster).  Tangodiver loves dancing and listening to Latin music so this series was right up her alley.  She heard about it from a friend of a friend on Facebook.  The last episode of the series, The Latin Explosion,  is on tonight on BBC4 at 9pm.  Tangodiver won’t be watching it as she has other plans, but there is always iplayer.  There are 7 days left to see the first three episodes if you want to learn more about the history of Latin music in America.  As Tangodiver is from America, and has been listening to Latin music for very many years having been exposed to it at an early age through her Puerto Rican friends, she  found the history of it extremely informative and entertaining.  It gives new meaning to her Latin Music collection! 🙂

(Author’s Note:  There doesn’t seem to be an Episode 5.  Will have to wait for next season!  Just as Tangodiver was getting into it!)


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  1. Claus

    These BBC programs are indeed excellent. Sadly I believe they are not viewable outside the UK via iPlayer. However friends tell that they are already circulating for those who really want to find them online elsewhere.

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