Moving – Again!

Yup, it’s finally happened.  I found a lovely little house and I am in the process of moving!  As wonderful as it has been staying with Amor, I need my own space with my own things around me.  Tiger needs to be able to go outdoors.  That has always been the plan.  Sometimes things take longer than expected.  I am learning that people down here are not in a hurry for anything and so I have to go with the flow.  I was ready to move over a month ago, but the lady I bought my house from went on holiday for six weeks after I had the survey done.  So much for a quick sale.  Instead, it gave me time to think about how I want my new home to look.  I have been looking at kitchens, bathrooms and paint samples.  I have also had a holiday.

There is so much to do.  Although the lady left the place quite clean, and better than I expected, I really need to give it a good scrub as I can’t bear other people’s grime.  I have been on my hands and knees, with the rubber gloves, and giving every surface a good going over.  At least when I next have to clean the house, it will be my own dirt and mess.

I have done my little ritual for taking over and sending any negative vibes on their way.  I have been doing some space clearing which involved beating a saucepan with a  wooden spoon in every room.  I wonder what the neighbours thought about that!  I did it to a milonga and vals playlist I made.  I want happy vibes in my new home.  So there I was beating my home-made drum to happy tango music and singing or humming out loud.  What a sight that must have looked like!

There is still a bit more cleaning to do before my things get moved in.  It will be like Christmas once I have my things as I had stored some items in my garage for about four years and I have forgotten what is in some of the boxes.  I managed to get rid of a lot of old things I no longer needed or wanted.  It might be necessary to re-evaluate the items I saved.  I have purchased a smaller house and some of my things may not fit.  It will be interesting to see how a part of my old life will fit into my new one.

Moving into a new home is time consuming.  I will need to change my address yet again!  Fortunately, I plan on staying in my new place for a very long time.   I also need to organise trademen to do various jobs.  My new home is an old lady and she needs a bit of TLC, maintenance and updating.  Although there are many things that need to be done, there is no hurry.

I also need to get a job!  Now that I have the house, I can put more attention into getting some work.  Although I am quite good at multitasking, I prefer to be able to focus on one thing at a time.  Some people might think that looking for work might have been a priority, and it was in the beginning, but I came to my new area at a time of year where there really was nothing going on the job market (I was in a similar situation in 2009) and so I turned my attention to finding a home and it worked.   This time last year I found a part-time job.  I am quietly confident that things will turn around and I will be in full-time employment.  All I need to do is put my attention to it.

So, here I am at another new beginning.  If you don’t hear from me for awhile, it is because I am very busy.  Will keep you posted. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Moving – Again!

  1. Amor

    Dancing around the place like a loon with a wooden spoon and a saucepan….only you which is why I love you xxxx

  2. Oh yes, moving certainly is time consuming and tough. I suggest you to to put all your stuff into labelled boxes and make repairs in the new home before actually living there. It’s a lot easier that way. I also want to mention – that little ritual of yours is funny. I guess everyone has a different way to make house feel like a home. Good luck with it.

    1. Arlene

      Thanks for stopping by Elli.
      Doing repairs before I move in isn’t an option. I already had one sub-contractor do an inspection and it turns out that things aren’t as bad as they make out in the survey. My house is liveable. I need to live in it first before I decide how I want to change and improve it. I am looking forward to this project and making it my own. As for my little space clearing ritual, Karen Kingston mentions doing similar in one of her books! At least I had fun doing it.

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