My Desktop has a New Beginning!

I finally opened the box with my desktop.  I connected it and it was fine.  Then I tried to add the internet.  Not so fine.  I had computer errors coming from every direction and the only way to sort it out was to re-install the Windows software.  I lost everything that was on my computer.

Since I bought the laptop a couple of years ago, I haven’t used the desktop much.  Fortunately, I uploaded the photos onto the internet and the music is on my laptop and MP3 player.  I don’t care about the lost documents.

I sold my house and bought a new one.  Everything I did on my computer before I moved into my new home is now obsolete anyway.

I had to re-install the Windows software and all that went with it.  It has taken me a whole day to do it.  I don’t know how many times that I have restarted my computer.  The whole procedure has been pretty time consuming!

It turns out that I really don’t need as much software as I had before.  My computer automatically forced itself to downsize.  I have a lot more room on my hard drive than I did before . How amazing is that?!