Freeloaders at The Bandstand

Amor and I went to see the Johnny Spice Swing Orchestra at The Bandstand last night.  The doors opened at 7:30pm and there was already a queue for tickets.  I had purchased ours earlier that morning and was able to get a discount with a Friend of Eastbourne Bandstand membership card.  The card is £2.00 and is valid until the end of September 2015.  I think that is pretty good value.

We found a good seat and waited for the band to start playing.  I thought they were pretty good although they didn’t play what I would call swing, which was a little bit of a disappointment.  If you are expecting a lively swing band to dance to, then I don’t think this is the band you are looking for.  If you want to listen to some nice music, then you won’t be disappointed.


Johnny Spice Swing Orchestra


What really irked me though were these people:


There were freeloaders on the sidelines!  I paid good money for my tickets and so did everyone else that had a seat.  Usually, they make a good effort to block off the bandstand when there is an event going on, so what is the point of paying for a seat when people can stand up on the sidelines and see what is going on for free!  I was obviously some source of amusement for the people sitting next to me when they discovered my peevishness towards those listening for free.  There were plenty of seats available.  Someone at the bandstand has been slacking.  I am trying to support my Bandstand in my new home town.  I could have come down to the seafront to try to listen to the music for free, but I didn’t.  It is the 75th Anniversary of The Eastbourne Bandstand and if you want to listen to the music, you should pay for the privilege!  So there!  Amor thought it was mildly amusing, but he won’t be so amused tonight when we go to the Motown tribute as he has paid for the tickets and they were more expensive than last night’s performance! 😉

However, the freeloaders didn’t stop me from enjoying my evening.  The weather was really mild and when the performance was over, this is what we saw:

There was a full moon shining on the water and the lights were on all along The Pier and the Promenade.  It was a glorious evening.  I so love my new town!  The weather has been sunny and hot and the palms are in bloom.  They smell like Jasmine.  And to think I only live a few minutes walk from all of this! 🙂