If you are wondering what Eastbourne is looking like at this time of year, here is a photo of the Beach a couple of weekends ago when it was very hot.

You might wonder where all of the people are. Actually, they seem to congregate more between The Pier and The Life Boat Station/Museum.  I tend to settle more towards Holywell, as it is less crowded.  If I am really lucky, I can have a whole patch of beach to myself.  However, at this time of year, I have had to share with one or two people!

The weather was so hot that day, I actually dived into the water.  I quickly jumped out again!  It was darn cold!  It was like going from a sauna into the cold plunge.  I don’t know how some people manage to swim in it without a wetsuit!  Or even a drysuit!  As it was so hot, it didn’t take me long to dry off, but it did take me about 10 minutes to warm up again!

I love going to the beach or seafront, or walking along the promenade.  I find it really relaxing and almost a form of meditation.  This is what it looks and sounds like:

Even the rib motoring past is relatively quiet.

If I can’t get to the beach to enjoy the sunshine, I can always sit in the back garden.  My garden is sheltered and sunny.  It was necessary to remove a few trees to get it that way.  Before anyone has a go at me for removing trees, please note that I have a very small patio garden.  They blocked the sunshine.  My laundry would still be damp at the end of the day even after being hung out to dry on a very sunny afternoon.  The soil was so dry that the only thing that would grow was oxalis.  The birds would sit in the trees and poo everywhere!  My neighbours are very happy that I removed the trees.  Now they have sunshine in their garden too!  I like being a good neighbour.  I must admit that the little sparrows were a bit confused for a few days to find their tree missing!

I may have a small garden, but there is room for a table and chairs, a sun lounger, and a BBQ!  Some before and after photos:


It took me seven hours to plant 2/3 of the garden as the soil was so hard I had to use a hand trowel as I couldn’t get the spade or fork in the ground!  Now I have a sunny, calm, relaxing and relatively no maintenance garden.  The only survivors were the Calla Lillies and some bamboo.  I even have a buddha.  My cat liked the garden before the trees and he likes it after, but not until the sun moves off the back wall.  He likes to sleep on the bark.  The only downside to that is that he ends up trailing it through the house as it sticks to his fur!

This is what my garden sounds like:

If you listen carefully, you can hear the baby birds chirping away.  There are several seagull nests nearby as well as a few other types of birds.  The noise they make very early in the morning is pretty horrendous.  Everyone is feeding their young all at the same time.  I am reduced to sleeping with the windows closed so I don’t hear the racket.  However, it eventually subsides and doesn’t start up again until late afternoon.  I am really lucky to be able to see the babies from my garden.  They are very cute and fluffy.

They are growing so quickly, and it won’t be long before they fly off towards the seafront.  Although they make a racket to raise the dead, I know there is an end to it once the young have flown the nest.  One thing for sure, it sure beats listening to sound of planes flying over my house every two minutes that I had to endure the last 20+ years!

Here is a video I found on YouTube that captures the sound of my life for all of those years:

What would you rather listen to?



2 thoughts on “Sounds

  1. there’s life and then there’s what I like to call a lifestyle. Looks like you’re living yours with style. Beata te!

    PS – definitely the seagulls.

    PPS – the garden looks wonderful, so tranquil.

    1. Arlene

      Thanks C!
      After years of living around the destructive forces of children and a partner that hadn’t completed building work that was started, I am finally going to have a home for grownups! And the best thing is that I am doing it myself!
      BTW, most of the seagulls have flown the nest! Much quieter now! 🙂

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