Getting Ready to Leave the Nest

There are seagulls nesting in my neighbourhood.  I was woken up recently to what sounded like a troupe of howler monkeys, but it was only the seagulls.  I am reduced to sleeping with the windows closed in order to wake up at a reasonable hour.  My only consolation at this point is that once the young fly the nest peace will be restored.  Unfortunately, it won’t happen all at the same time.  One has gone from across the street and the rest will follow over the next few weeks.  Here are a few updated photos from the view from my garden:

The chicks above live two doors away from me and are nearly ready to leave.  They spend a lot of time pruning their feathers.  One day the wrong parents arrived and this is what they did:

They all knuckled down and didn’t move!  The third one was on the other side of the roof and eventually came up to these two and told them off!

There are two little puffballs on the street perpendicular to mine.  Every once in a while I see one walking along the edge of the roof with his head down.  He reminds me of a little old man.

Although the parents make a bit of a racket, it still beats the planes flying over my head that I had to endure the last 20+ years!