Airbourne 2010 – Day 2

Today started off cloudy, so my hopes were high for a nice day.  It did clear up for a while, but then it became overcast and eventually we had showers on and off throughout the day.  Lucky for me my spot is near some shelter!  I also made sure I dressed in layers as I got a bit chilled yesterday.  It was a good thing I did, because it did get a bit nippy at one point.

I meandered through the town centre and turned right at The Pier.  I thought I would have a look at the concessions and see what they were selling:  sunglasses, binoculars, toys, clothes, chairs, food (burgers, sausages, etc.), beverages, pretty much the same as last year.  The most interesting tent that caught my eye was the Pimm’s tent, but at £14 for a jug/pitcher of Pimm’s…it was a bit steep.  Otherwise it was nearly £4 for a plastic cup.  Ouch!

I carried on walking to the RAF village.  It was pretty much the same as last year.  They had the same food things, but I managed to find a stand that sold filled baguettes, with salad!  The crowd was getting to me, so I went to my spot and had my lunch and people watched for a little while before the rain started.  While I was under shelter, Jim, the man who had my spot yesterday (it was no problem as the spot next to him was just as good!) turned up again.  I also recognised the old gentleman sitting next to me from last year!  We had a nice chat about that and other things.

It stopped raining before the first display came on.  Jim asked me how my photos came out yesterday and I explained that they were a bit dark and I was new to using my camera.  Jim had the same came camera as I did, so he showed me how to set it for cloudy/grey conditions!  He was my camera buddy for the day.  Jim’s wife was sitting below us and taking photos with what at first looked like a mobile phone, but was a very slimline camera.  It was also pink!  It turns out that Jim belongs to The Eastbourne Photographic Society.  I was thinking of joining that as there is no dancing on a Friday night, but now I am definitely going to join.  I want to learn more about photography and using my camera.  What better way than with other people who already know how or want to learn also?  They also give talks at other nights of the week on special topics.  It could be really fun!

I didn’t take as many photos as yesterday, but I think the quality of the photos are better.  Thanks Jim!  I have put them in collages so you can see different views of the planes.  I am just going to post them here in the order they appeared, which was slightly different from the schedule because of the weather.  I only stayed until The Red Arrows finished even though the displays carried on until nearly 8pm.  I could hear them from my house!  Especially the Typhoon!  I am hoping the weather will be better tomorrow.


Breitling Wing Walkers




Tucano T1
Spitfire & Hawker Hurricane
Tigers Parachute Display Team
Hawk T1
Tutor T1
The Blades
Swift Glider Team
The Red Arrows