A Walk Around Firle

Last Saturday was a beautiful autumnal day so Amor and I decided to take advantage of the weather and go for a walk in the countryside.  The wonderful thing about where I live is that I have the countryside right on my doorstep.  So we took a little drive to Charleston House, parked the car, and started our walk up to Firle Beacon.

The weather was a bit overcast with a slight breeze, but fortunately it didn’t rain.  Unfortunately, the sky was a bit dull and did not inspire me to take many photographs.  It had been a while since my last walk in the countryside and walking up the hill had me a little bit out of breath, but the view from the top was worth it.  There were quite a few gliders soaring silently in the sky and riding the thermals.  They were quite mesmerizing to watch.  At the top of the hill, keen model airplane enthusiasts were remotely flying their model gliders.  From a distance, they looked like the real thing as the models were very big.  It reminded me of the days when my dad would take  me and my brother out to a deserted air strip to fly model planes that he built.


A couple of friendly locals

Once at the top the only way to go was down, in search of lunch.  Not having been to Firle before, we were hoping that there would be a pub.  As far as we were concerned any village worth its salt should have a pub.  The first port of call however was St. Peter’s Church.   Parts of this church date as early as 1200 AD.  It is a plain, yet attractive little church with monuments within dating from 1476.  It is worth having a look if you are in the area.


St Peter, West Firle
Stained Glass Window by John Piper

As we wandered through this little village, we did indeed come upon Firle’s only pub, The Ram Inn.  The place was very busy and full of locals and visitors alike.  Not wanting anything too heavy, we ordered a ploughman’s and a chicken salad sandwich with a side of chips, which were more like frites.  As the weather was lovely, we ate outside.  The food was good, the bread home-made.  The main courses looked interesting and we would consider coming back, perhaps for Sunday lunch.  I tried the Perry.  I have never had Perry before and wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.  It wasn’t cold or fizzy and didn’t taste anything like pears.  It wasn’t sweet and it wasn’t tart.  In fact, it was kind of bland and after reading about perry on the internet, I am not so sure if what I had was actually good.

After lunch, we wandered back through the village to find a path back to Charleston.  The village is very pretty and quite old.  There was a jumble sale taking place in the little village hall.  We found a path and walked across the grounds of Firle Place.  There were cows everywhere.  It seems that Firle Place is open only in the summer.  Something to remember for next year.  You can read about Firle here and here.  If you like country walks, quaint pubs and villages, then visiting Firle should be a pleasant experience.  We liked it!