Extreme Fishing with Robson Green is Back!!

OK.  Tangodiver has been waiting ages for the return of Robson Green and his Extreme Fishing series.  It starts tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.  However, Tangodiver has a big problem.  After many months without a TV, she finally succumbed and purchased the smallest TV she could live with (26″).  Unfortunately, Tangodiver cannot get Channel 5, yet.  FreeView doesn’t work in her area.  unbelievable!  She needs a FreeSat box!  Fortunately, The Divemaster has a spare FreeSat box that she can borrow, but she won’t get it until next week! 😦

While watching the preview of the next series, Tangodiver was horrified to see them holding a puffer fish, OUT OF THE WATER!!!!!  My goodness, what is going on here?!!!  Tangodiver has been traumatized before even getting a chance to watch the episode!!!  What other horrors can she expect to see in future episodes?

As Tangodiver cannot get Channel 5, she will have to wait to watch the first episode on iPlayer.  After that, she will have plenty to say I’m sure.



One thought on “Extreme Fishing with Robson Green is Back!!

  1. See? I didn’t even realize you had a new blog??!!! I also jumped the Blogger ship and landed here. Sounds like you’re finding your feet. And that you can walk on the beach for solace, well, I’m just envious!

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