An Hour, or Two, in Glynde

Last week, Amor and I took advantage of a lovely Autumn day and drove out to Glynde, as I hadn’t been there yet.  There isn’t much to Glynde.  It is a sleepy little village off of the A27 not far from Eastbourne and near Lewes.  I parked the car and we wandered up the road.  There are some lovely old buildings, but it isn’t as pretty as Firle.

We did discover an old forge and the metal worker there might be able to help me save my dining room table that I love.  (Sadly, the table is too big for the dining room.)  In these days of mass production, I wonder how long craftsmen like this can hold out before their businesses fold?  That and the fact that there are no apprentices to take up a dying trade.  It is a bit sad to think about that, in the meantime I am very happy that there is a man around that can help me save my table as I wasn’t looking forward to the idea of selling it and buying a new one.  Now all I need is a good carpenter.

Further up the road, we came to St. Mary’s Church.  The present church was built in the 18th century as nothing left stands of the previous church.  The church is quite plain from the outside, but inside  it is quite pretty in an understated way.  What looks like wallpaper on the walls is actually fabric.

St Mary's Church - Glynde

Next door to the church is Glynde Place.  Unfortunately, Glynde Place is only open from May to August, so I will have to wait until next year to visit.  I had to satisfy myself with taking photos through the gate and from the back of the church.


Glynde Place

As there wasn’t much else to see, and it being lunchtime, we decided to take the scenic route to Lewes, which took us past Glyndebourne – another place to visit in the future.



2 thoughts on “An Hour, or Two, in Glynde

  1. TinaDiva

    East Sussex is lovely! I have a friend who lives in Herstmonceux, another small village that might be a good place for you to visit. If you do, let me know and I will give you Clare’s address. She has a vintage furniture and textile business. YOu might find something you like for the house. Plus you might like to look around her glorious garden, its on the same lane to Herstmonceux Castle.

    Pevensey Bay is also fun. Feels desolate but has interesting round look out towers.

    Lovely article.

    1. Arlene

      Thanks Tina,

      Will keep your friend in mind. So many lovely places to visit, but finding the time can be tricky. Been to Pevensey Bay as it’s just down the road!

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