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Work on my house has come to a standstill.  As I have stated in previous posts, life is a bit slower paced here in Eastbourne compared to London – except for the decorators, who would love to be decorating (I would love them to be doing that also!).  I need to have the radiators moved before that can happen.  Things have stalled on the plumbing front and now that the weather has gone a bit chilly, I am not inclined to be without heating at the moment.  When working on houses, there are certain things that need to be done before other things can get started.  The fact that I am project managing everything is also a bit more time-consuming.  However, I am learning a lesson in patience.  The fact that it takes so long for some people to eventually get back to me means that I have time to really think about what I want.  Also, I have only been in my house since the end of April and it is a good idea to experience the winter in its current condition.  I am pleased to find that the house is relatively warm, except in the kitchen where I had to have the radiator removed to do the damp proofing.  Fortunately I can close that room off, but I am definitely having central and underfloor heating in the kitchen when I upgrade it next Spring!  I am sure the cat will like that too!

Because I have had quite a bit of free time recently, I have managed to get all of my Christmas shopping done and Christmas cards posted!  This is a first for me to be so organised so early.   I usually wait until the week before Christmas to buy everything.  I even decorated the house a bit this year.  However, I won’t be putting a wreath on the front door.  I have no way of hanging it without putting in a nail and I am loath to mess up the new paint on my brand new door!  Besides, my door is painted red, which is a Christmas colour!  I made some 3-D paper snowflakes and hung them in the windows!  This is what happens when there isn’t any work to go to.

I have been watching cooking programmes to get ideas for Christmas food.  I am loving Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson at the moment.  I just wish they had a gourmet cooking-for-one programme.  One of the nice things about the holidays is the food that is on offer.  I love big family get-togethers, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I don’t know why so many women go on diets during the holidays.  With all the parties, lunches and drinks do’s at the moment, I think that this time of the year we should forget about dieting.  This is a time of year to look glam and have a bit of fun.  One isn’t going to put on a few pounds overnight.  Being just a little bit more of who you are at this time of year will keep you warm.  Besides, there are great undergarments on the market that can work miracles.

People seem to think that Holiday food is unhealthy.  I don’t understand where that idea has come from.  The basics of a traditional Christmas dinner starts with some form of meat, usually a turkey or duck or goose (depends on which part of the world you are from).  Some people have beef or a ham.  Then there are potatoes.  I am very partial to potatoes and enjoy them in a variety of ways, especially roasted in goose fat, which is good for you!  I like to have both roast and mashed potatoes!  They have different tastes and textures!  Then we may have a few vegetables.  Families have their own personal favourites on what they like to serve.  Usually there are carrots, and a green vegetable or two.  I like to have a wide variety of vegetables at the table to give people a choice and because I really enjoy eating vegetables.  Some people also make stuffing.  Unless someone has a wheat allergy, there are many ways to make a stuffing and I can’t see anything wrong with stuffing, especially if it has some fruit or nuts in it.  Then we have gravy and condiments.  I like to make homemade cranberry sauce, with mulled wine.  Cranberries are very good for you!  Now, I am not a big fan of mince pies or Christmas Pudding, but I do like Christmas fruit cake.  All of these are made with fruit and we are told we should eat fruit as part of our five a day!  My stepmother makes a version of a trifle, but with chocolate cake and bananas (fruit).  I also like to make an Italian version with frozen mixed…fruit, with a tiramisu cream (it has eggs!).  I have had many holiday dinners in my lifetime and not one of them has been unhealthy!   Even the wine we have with our meal is good for us!  It aids digestion and de-stresses us.

So ladies, why would you possibly want to show restraint at this one time of year when you are supposed to let your hair down and have a good time?  Eat, drink, enjoy yourself.   No body is saying that you have to stuff yourselves to bursting!  Go dancing to burn off a few calories if you’re that worried.  Do you think men care about all of this?  Heck no!  If you need a bit more convincing, have a look at my friend’s blog!

On that note, I am going off to buy some more mulled wine and try to find a metal pan to make a small portion of toad in the hole, but with venison sausages!  If anyone has some great ideas for Christmas food, please let me know!


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  1. Hear, hear!!! My you have a full life right now. But your house sounds gorgeous. The underfloor heating is going to be sensational, and for sure your cat will love it.

    I don’t think the weight comes from the types of foods consumed during this season, but the from the size of the portions – which tend to get far more generous this time of year, probably because it IS so yummy. Personally, I eat the same all year round – delicious AND nutritious 🙂

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