A Moment in Time/Day 1: From The Pier

Today I started my new photography project entitled A Moment in Time.  I will attempt to take a photograph a day mostly in Eastbourne, but basically anywhere I happen to be.  Confining myself to one area or topic would be too limiting for my Gemini sensibilities and I prefer to be a person without limits. However, I will try to depict as many moments in time as possible.  I have set up a page here explaining what I will be doing.

Today I went to The Pier to watch the starlings do their magic dance overhead before settling down for the night.  It had been a sunny and relatively clear day.  The sea was calm.  Today you will get three photographs to get the full experience of what I saw and because I couldn’t decide which one I liked best.  They were all taken from The Pier.


I used the sunset feature on the Canon Powershot SX200 IS.  It was still a bit hazy so I used the Auto Contrast feature on Picasa 3 to brighten it up.  The sky was actually quite vivid and I loved the vibrant spots of colour on the edge of the clouds.

A Starling Dance
A Starling Dance

Same camera.  I used the Landscape feature and the 12x zoom.  The sky was actually quite a white grey and it was difficult to see the pattern the birds made until I used the Auto Contrast feature on Picasa.  This also changed the sky colour, but I really like it and that the birds look like they made a heart shape.

Home to Roost
Home to Roost

Same camera, set on Night Snapshot mode.  After the starlings danced their magic, they came into roost on The Camera Obscura.


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