A Moment in Time/Day 10: Victory




Taken with a Canon Power Shot SX200 IS on Indoor Mode with flash.  Specs: 1/60s, f/4.5, ISO 250.

Victory is a painting that I have had for about 10 years and which has lived above a fireplace overlooking my bed.  She has never been in storage and has watched over me and Amor while I stayed with him until I found a new place of my own.  My current house is similar in layout to my previous house and naturally I hung her up over the fireplace overlooking my new bed.  I fell in love with her from the moment I saw her.  I bought her when I was having a new beginning.  Now I am having another new beginning in Eastbourne.  People either like her or don’t.  The people that don’t like her think she is too dark for an Angel.  Some have even suggested that I re-paint her!  I find her presence in my room very comforting and she is the first thing I see every morning and the last thing at the end of the day.  I am always reminded how Victorious I am, and that makes me smile. 🙂

Victory was created by Elizabeth Rollins-Scott.