A Moment in Time/Day 13: Christmas




Taken with a Canon Power Shot SX200 IS.

Amor and I went out to The Bandstand on Christmas Morning to hear the carol concert.  It started a 10:45am and we were surprised how many people were out and about to listen to the band play that morning.  It was a bright, sunny day and the water was as flat as a pancake.  It was also very cold!

What I loved was the amount of elderly people about and the fact that many of them were wearing some form of Christmas hat.  Some were even dancing to the music, with or without walking sticks!  I guess when you are either very young or very old, it doesn’t matter what other people think of you.

Because I couldn’t decide on which picture to post for this day, I decided to make a collage and have one big picture, although I am particularly partial to the two old ladies in Santa hats and the little dog!

Happy Holidays!