A Moment in Time/Day 18: What the eye beholds



What the eye beholds


Taken with a Canon Power Shot SX200 IS on Indoor Mode.  Specs:  1/60s, f/3.4, ISO: 320.

I have been a lazy girl today and didn’t leave the house.  Didn’t even get dressed!  I spent the day mainly reading and uploading a blog post.  Then I realised that I didn’t have my photo of the day, so what to do – take a picture of something in my house.  I had been photographing my sitting room earlier and took a photo of my chandelier.  I love the pattern it makes on the ceiling and walls.  Kind of like fire!  So I got on the floor and took a picture of my chandelier from there.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to come out, but I really like it.  I think it looks like a big eye or a planet in a galaxy.  I love how the pattern on the ceiling almost looks like a heart shape.


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