A Moment in Time/Day 24: Letter from Santa?



Letter from Santa?


Taken with a Canon Power Shot SX200 IS on Indoor Mode with Macro Setting.  Specs:  1/30s, f/3.4, ISO: 320.

I finally received my package from the North Pole.  Well, North Pole, Alaska – ‘Where the spirit of Christmas lives all year round.

It wasn’t a present from Santa, but from one of his little helpers!  My cousin’s daughter lives in North Pole, Alaska on South Santa Claus Lane!  What a cool address is that?!  Apparently Santa lives in Santa Clause House!  I have never met my little second cousin and recently found her on Facebook, where I found a lot of my family I hadn’t seen for many years.  She sent me a lovely little ornament for my Christmas tree and I sent her one from the UK.  I have always wanted to visit Alaska, and now I have a really good reason to do so – to visit family.


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