A Moment in Time/Day 25: Inspiration Wall

Inspiration Wall

Taken with a Canon Power Shot SX200 IS on Indoor Mode.  Specs:  1/13s, f/3.4, ISO: 320.

I don’t have an inspiration board, I have a wall instead.  And yes, it is that pink.  My study has one pink wall and the rest is cream.  I call it candy pink.  It is growing on me, but when I redecorate the wall will be a soothing turquoise.

My friend Sallycat set up a page on Facebook called Happy Hearts Quest.  One of the tasks was to write a Joy list.  I wrote a ‘Things that bring me joy and what I am grateful for!’ list.  (It is right up there between My Dream Job and Winning the Big Jackpot on the Lotto or Euromillions.) I do one or more of those things on that list every day.  By offering gratitude for what we already have, we allow the Universe to give us more.  If we think of what we want as a little spec inside the vast Universe, what we want doesn’t seem so huge or unattainable.

Going back to my Joy list, I used the computer to make my list as my handwriting is not that great and I didn’t have coloured pencils or pens to make it pretty.  I made a photo collage of my favourite photo collages to add at the bottom of my list, which are some of the things that bring me joy and what I am grateful for.  I could add more, but I would need a bigger printer for that!

The pictures of furniture are ones that are inspiring my decorating at the moment and what prompted me to go with my heart on ordering my fuchsia sofas.  In the sofa collage on the left, the lilac sofa in front of the bookcase is the style I ordered.  There is a photo of a California Poppy taken at my previous house which my daughter took on my camera and a photo someone took of me dancing Argentine Tango with my friend Alfredo at the very first River Tango in front of The Tate Modern.

I will most likely take more photos of my wall as and when things get added, removed or attained!

So, what’s on your Joy list?