Underwater Photography


Here is a selection of my first attempt at underwater photography.  A friend loaned me his camera for part of a dive.  It was a Canon IXUS 100D.

As you can see, some are better than others.  I used the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ feature on Picasa 3 which took out the filmy layer and sharpened the pictures.  I feel that I am better at shooting non-moving objects, like the corals. 🙂

As with anything, underwater photography takes practice.  Now that I have a good grip on my buoyancy, I actually feel confident about attempting underwater photography.  Being able to hover in one place long enough without bumping into anything  or holding onto anything is a skill.  I have seen many divers taking pictures that really should be focusing on their diving skills.

As much as I enjoyed taking the pictures, a part of me felt that I was missing out on the dive.  One of the joys of scuba diving for me is to observe the minutiae of small sections of the reef.  I just love how different sections have their own little fish and coral and how they all interact with each other.  I still scan around looking for bigger and interesting things, but it is the small things that I really love.  At this time of year, there are numerous baby fish.  I especially love the baby clownfish.

My dive buddie on this trip took many photographs.  The downside to diving with someone who is photographing the underwater life and you aren’t is that you must wait for them to catch up with you before moving ahead, not an easy task when you have a bit of a current behind you.  I soon learned to ‘hang’ and observe the little things in more detail until he caught up with me – though it can be a bit disconcerting swimming along with your buddie one minute and the next time you look over they have disappeared to take a picture of something.   Most of the time I was the fish spotter on lookout for interesting things that would make a good picture – part of the team effort!

So, I guess this means that I have another piece of equipment add to my dive kit.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Underwater Photography

  1. Hehe, was that a dig at me? Underwater photography can be quite lonesome, I’ve not managed to find many buddies prepared to lose the group in order to get the perfect picture yet.

    I still consider myself a novice but I’m getting better each trip. Stick with it, get in closer than you think you need to, learn manual exposure, buy big memory cards and snap away relentlessly – it’ll all start coming together.

    I keep meaning to illustrate my own blog – http://www.divelogblog.com with my images, I’ll get round to it one day. Some of my landscape stuff can be seen at http://www.photoguernsey.com too, again I need to put more up there!

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Arlene

      No you silly person! It was the other one that lost me on The Alternatives when he was taking a picture of a bloody clown fish! Still haven’t seen a photo of that fish! 🙂 He knows who he is!

      Your photos are great Dan! Very clear and sharp on most of them! Plus your other work is wonderful too!
      A x

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