Making Rainbows

Now that I have crystals hanging in nearly every window of the house, I get rainbows in the morning and the afternoon!  Today was the first time in nearly two weeks that I didn’t wake up to Rainbows.  It was a bit dull outside.  So I decided to make some of my own.  I had been thinking of making some rainbows for days and had ideas floating around in my head and my heart.  So here they are.  I hope your weekend is filled with rainbows!

When One Door Closes…

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

Helen Keller (1880 – 1968)

There are a few variations of this phrase, but I really like Ms. Keller’s take on it.  She makes a good point about staring at the closed door.  Many of us can get stuck in our drama rather than accepting events as they unfold around us which prevents us from moving forward and missing an opportunity that could transform our lives.  I have been guilty of that on occasion.

Stuff happens.  Good stuff and bad stuff.  When the going is good we tend not to think twice about it and just enjoy the moment.  However, when the going gets bad we agonise over things and create a drama about it, which in turn stays in our present moment longer than we need it to.  There is something to be learned/gained from every experience we encounter.  We just don’t always know what that lesson is going to be, or how we will benefit from it.  Sometimes we need to have a little bit of faith that everything is going to work out, because it usually does.

Most people are resistant to change.  If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.  What if: if  it may not be broken but we can make some improvements?  It is usually when change is thrust upon us when we least expect it that we go into a panic and start to resist.

I believe that our subconscious thoughts send out signals to The Universe which attracts situations to us to deal with.  Unhappy with your job but not really doing anything about it?  Was that really a coincidence that you were made redundant?  Don’t really like where you live but haven’t done anything about changing your space?  Was it really a coincidence that your landlady is selling the property and you have to move? (this actually happened to a friend of mine)   Not happy in your personal relationship but unwilling to change the status quo or hoping things will work itself out?  Was that really a coincidence that the relationship didn’t work out?

The thing about the situations listed above is that they are all things we wanted, change, but for some reason we got stuck about doing anything about it ourselves and The Universe intervened on our behalf.  The Universe is great that way.  Unfortunately, the kick up the backside we needed to move forward may not have come to us in a way that we would have liked.  But then again, would we have done anything about changing our situation without drastic measures?  Food for thought.  When things come to us in ways that are unexpected sometimes we get into a panic.  It is important at this stage to pause and reflect and to try to accept the situation.  Then we can move forward with a clear head and maybe a plan.  Most things happen for a reason.

There are times that life throws us challenges that have nothing to do with our subconscious wishes.  Shit just sometimes happens that we have no control over and we have to get through these situations as best as we can.  Even so, there is usually something positive to be gained if we try to accept what is happening around us.  We may find an inner strength that we never realised we had.  When we finally get through something traumatic, it is almost as if nothing can ever touch us again and we know that we have the strength to get through anything.  Like the saying: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’

What if instead of waiting for the unexpected to happen to us, most likely in a way we won’t like, we took baby steps to make changes in our lives which would take us closer to our goals?  That seems to make more sense on a positive scale and is also very practical.  When we take baby steps towards our goals and keep a positive outlook, The Universe listens.  The Universe is always listening and will always give us what we ask for if we really want it.  We just need to know how to ask because we also may get what we don’t want, or it may seem that way because we may not really believe that we deserve something good.

Every bit of change in our lives is an opportunity for a New Beginning.  I am a great one for New Beginnings as I have had so many in my life.  Some have been thrust upon me and some I have taken baby steps towards.  Change is a good thing even if it may not seem to be at the time.  I may have had a door slammed in my face without warning, but another one has opened and I am happier than I could have ever imagined.  Once I stopped looking at that closed door I noticed a door that was ajar and that beckoned me to take a risk and walk on through.  I am so glad I did! 🙂

Sharm Needs You!

I can’t believe that I have been back from Sharm for a month already!  My last holiday was pretty amazing on many levels, not least because there were so few tourists.  On one hand that is wonderful because the diving is more chilled as there are few boats out on the same dive site.  Most of the time, our boat was the only one on the site.  On the other hand, Egypt needs the tourists.  It is very sad to see empty beaches, hotels and restaurants.  The country needs the tourism as many people’s’ jobs depend on them.

I am not sure how things are at other resort towns around The Red Sea such as Hurghada or Marsa Alam, but Sharm could do with a few more visitors.  I have been there five times in the last two years.  The reasons being (just to list a few):

1)  The weather is good all year round.

2)  It is relatively easy to get to from the UK, about 5 hrs.

3)  It has some of the most amazing marine life on the planet.

4)  There are very good deals to be had on flights, accommodation and diving (read cheap in my book).

5)  The people are very friendly.

Right now, divers are seeing mantas, whale sharks, white tips, eagle rays and more!  If that isn’t enough to convince you, here is a little video I came across the other day.

If you don’t dive, many hotels have pools where you can lounge around and sunbathe.  The weather is perfect right now, not too hot.  Food and drink is inexpensive.  Some of the snorkeling restrictions have been lifted (just don’t feed or touch anything) and its safe to go in the water.  There are also other things to do in Egypt, see link below.

So, what are you waiting for?  You know you want to.  🙂