Waking up to Rainbows!

Rainbow Maker

I picked up this little beauty on my way to the seafront yesterday.  It is a pink crystal strung with rose quartz.  I am going through a pink phase in my life and anything Rose related – perfume, flowers…  Pink is a passionate colour.  It is the colour of love and represents all things feminine.  In aromatherapy, Rose oil works on the emotions, is great for the skin and is one of the most expensive oils to buy.  I just love the smell of Roses.  Roses are also the flowers of love.  My mother and my daughter are both named Rose! 🙂

In the morning, my crystal chandelier makes little rainbows on two of my bedroom walls, but they only last a few minutes.  You can see them here.  Hours later, my pink crystal is still going strong and working its way around the room and all over my bed!  How cool is that!

As an added bonus, I found these on the back of my front door a little while ago and couldn’t work out where they came from.

I found the source!  I flower pin on my denim jacket!

I think I may need to go out and buy some more crystals and fill my house up with rainbows! 🙂