Amazing Women

I have been fortunate to come across some amazing women in my lifetime thus far.   It seems that with every new thing I try, there is an amazing woman to be found.  I have come across countless amazing women through my scuba diving. (I have been diving for nearly 15 yrs, so it really is countless, and the list is growing in that sector!)  I have met the most interesting women through my dancing since I started over 7 years ago.  After all, there are more women that dance than men, and while waiting for a dance what else are we women supposed to do with our time?  We chat and get to know each other!

Since I started blogging and using Facebook, women have been extremely supportive and some have become ‘real’ friends.  It is amazing how having a common interest can bring people together.  I have learned so much from women who have interests and write about them.  For example, I love dancing Argentine Tango.  When I started blogging, I read every blog about Argentine Tango that I could find.  Ultimately, I settled on a few that I felt were pertinent and interesting and read their stories.  Stories of women who wanted to change their lives and had a passion.  There were challenges and pitfalls along with the good stuff.  What got to me was their honest and open expression of feeling about their journey that they shared on the blogosphere.  I have cheered them on when they were feeling down, congratulated them on their successes, commiserated, you name it.  The upside was they were there for me too when I shared on the blogosphere.

I have also benefitted from women who are into DIY or are good at finding a piece of junk and making it into something beautiful.  Some of these women are so wonderful that they even post step-by-step instructions on the how-to.  Although I have been doing this type of thing for years, there are times that even I get stuck for an idea or need to know how a particular product is going to work.  The creativity of some of these women is mind-blowing!

Women write blogs on everything.  So whatever you are interested in, I am sure there is an amazing woman out there who is writing about it.  You just need to search the internet and find her.  I have so many interests I could spend days on the computer reading blogs about what I like!

Because I feel blessed to have come across some amazing women lately, I have decided to dedicate little posts about some of them and will describe how they have inspired me or influenced me in some way.  Maybe they can do the same for you.  Watch this space! 🙂