The Town Hall Clock Tower – Another View

I have been walking my neighbour’s dog as he has been unwell to do so himself.  The dog is old too and can’t go very far and so I do a little circuit near my house which takes me past The Town Hall.  On the way back from our walk today, I noticed how lovely the Clock Tower looks surrounded  by the trees.

I am very fond of The Town Hall and am happy that I can see The Clock Tower from my guest room and hear it chiming throughout the day.  I love the fact that it stops chiming after midnight and doesn’t start up again until six in the morning! 🙂

I also go dancing here on Wednesdays and some weekends.  The ballroom has a wonderful floor and is such a beautiful room to dance in.  In fact, the whole building is lovely and I will never forget the little tour given to me and my eldest by the previous Mayor.

And yes, that is really what the sky looked like today, although it was a tad nippy! 🙂