STOP fishing in Ras Mohammed National Park! Please!

The Governor of  South Sinai has given the green light to commercial fishing in one of the most famous marine nature reserves in the world.  Please take the time to read about this here at Sport Diver News.

Ras Mohammed National Park is a protected area where NO fishing has been allowed.  Because of this, the reefs have become some of the top rated dive sites in the world.  Shark and Yolanda has been rated as one of the top 10 by Jacques Cousteau.

I have been to Sharm el Sheikh five times so far in the last two years and dived at Ras Mohammed National Park .  Sharm is relatively easy to get to from the UK.  The weather is pleasant all year round and regardless of how many times you dive the same site, no dive is ever the same.  You just never know what the current will be doing and what wonderful things you may see.  I love diving in The Red Sea and would hate for this area to get spoiled by the ineptitude of decision makers.

As well as diving, Sharm has now become as popular as The Canary Islands for the sea and sun brigade.  Most of the hotels on the seafront are near local dive sites where there is some lovely snorkeling to be had.  In spite of the shark biting last year due to ignorant people feeding the fish and the sharks themselves, snorkeling can be another way to view the marine life if done properly and with care to the reefs.

Tourism has been down partly because of the political situation in Egypt, but the politics have not really interfered with life in Sharm.  If fishing is going to be allowed in Ras Mohammed National Park, this is going to have an added detrimental effect on tourism in this area where numbers are already low.

There is a petition set up by The Red Sea Diving Community.  Please sign the petition and show your support, divers and non-divers alike.  You can find it here.

Thank you.