Eclipse! What Eclipse?

According to this article: ‘… for the most spectacular views of the lunar phenomenon, British stargazers are urged to head to the south coast – looking south east towards a clear horizon and across the sea.’

I went, and saw, nothing!  It had been raining, and by some miracle I thought even if I couldn’t see the lunar eclipse, maybe something magical would happen in the sky.  Nope!  If something magical happened, it wasn’t where I lived, and I live on the south coast.

However, all was not lost.  I had the promenade practically to myself, and there was just enough light to capture this:

This is why I couldn’t see the eclipse, there was a mist, which sort of cancelled out the clear horizon.  It gave an eerie glow to the lights on The Eastbourne Pier.

Maybe I’ll catch the Lunar Eclipse next time.  For those of you that managed to see it, I hope it was wonderful for you. 🙂